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Buy COD Warzone 20 Plunder Wins Bundle Boost Carry Service

Buy COD Warzone 20 Plunder Wins Bundle Boost Carry Service

Rewards and description

Our professional players will help you not only complete the desired 20 Plunder Wins but also coach you how you should behave in all encounters. Learn all tips and tricks for your class from real game gurus.

Buy COD Warzone 20 Plunder Wins Bundle Boost Carry Service

Warzone’s Plunder mode requires players to compete by collecting and depositing money from all over the map. While more forgiving in some regards compared to the original Battle Royale mode, it presents an increased tactical complexity with which many players struggle to keep up. Plunder wins are counted separately and rewarded with XP. The matches present many opportunities to advance towards unlocking goals. CakeBoost’s bundle will give you twenty wins in this mode at a lowered price, along with any other rewards earned in the process.

You will get:    

  • 20 Plunder wins;
  • Improved in-game stats, including win rate and kill/death ratio;
  • All rewards (levels, XP, weapon and cosmetic unlocks, achievements) acquired during the boost.

ETA: 1 day

Plunder’s altered mechanics change up the usual Battle Royale formula. Its goal encourages players to sweep the entire map for money but introduces a trade-off between spreading widely to cover more ground and staying together to ensure the money makes it to the bank. Respawns are assured, but death is costly, with part of the money staying on the bodies. This can create many fascinating tactical dilemmas, while also letting inventive players rack up many kills.

Overall, although Plunder wins give less XP, they can be achieved more quickly and with more additional objectives achieved along the way. Making the best use of those possibilities requires solid skills and, outside of Solo mode, a good team that can resolve complex situations effectively on the fly.

CakeBoost offers a way to collect the rewards of twenty Plunder wins without you having to worry about your tactics or pay full price. Our pro-boosters will score the required wins very quickly and efficiently, saving you a lot of time and strain.