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CoD Camo Boosting

Camo boosting service is the fastest, simplest means of unlocking camouflage cosmetics for your Call of Duty weapons. Modern Warfare 2 features over 190 unique camo skins. Unlocking them in MW II automatically grants access to those skins in Warzone 2. Each camo is gated behind a combat challenge. Although purely ornamental, camouflages remain popular among CoD players. They are prestigious and add visual variety to the battlefield. Rather than grind for them yourself, you could buy our camo boosts and let experts acquire the cosmetics you order with maximum efficiency.

How to Get Camos in Call of Duty?

You can equip any acquired camo through the Gunsmith screen. This screen also displays unlock conditions for every camo the selected gun can have. Each weapon has unique basic camos. Unlocking a basic camo requires completing a challenge. Those tasks usually involve killing opponents with the weapon under special conditions. Examples include headshots, double kills, or shots from behind. Secondary weapons like launchers or knives only have one basic camo and simply require a certain amount of kills. People can also earn Mastery camo skins, which have challenges that only become available after basic skins have been obtained.

How to Unlock All Camos in MW2?

Collecting every camo cosmetic in CoD MW2 “simply” requires you to finish this progression:

  • Beat every basic camo challenge for every weapon, unlocking their Gold challenges;
  • Beat Gold challenges with certain amounts of weapons in each category to unlock category Platinum challenges;
  • Beat 51 Platinum challenges to access Polyatomic challenges;
  • Beat 51 Polyatomic challenges to unlock Orion cosmetics for all weapons with Polyatomic cosmetics.

Fulfilling all those objectives will grant you every conceivable weapon skin in the title, from diverse basic camouflages to Mastery cosmetics. Needless to say, this process is quite frustrating and time-consuming. You may spend over a hundred hours pursuing the necessary kills. We can offer some advice:

  • Although WZ2 modes may be used to claim MW2 collectibles, this is seldom efficient. Most objectives are easier to meet by playing small, fast-paced matches. Shoot House is an excellent choice for long-range kill farming due to its lines of sight;
  • Get into as many fights as possible. To that end, maximize your mobility and ammo acquisition with appropriate perks;
  • Farm XP for guns you mean to use in challenges. Bonus tokens are helpful in this respect. Full attachments make progress considerably easier.

Alternatively, simply order our boosting service and let our experts acquire these cosmetics for you!

Camo Boosting Services: Easy Way to Unlock MW2 Camos

After you order a boost, we will work out a mutually convenient schedule. Our booster will play from your account during pre-scheduled intervals and work diligently to unlock all desired cosmetics. You can relax and wait for this carry to wrap up. Afterward, you will be free to equip whatever skin you want without any hassle or grind.

Buy camo boosting from CakeBoost, and you will benefit from several advantages:

  • All deliveries are done manually by a pool of tested and proven boosters. Their familiarity with optimal tactics and ability to play full-time should ensure faster progress;
  • We ensure security with cutting-edge HTTPS and VPNs used while piloting;
  • Our support staff is ready to answer your questions 24/7;
  • Carry prices are competitive and determined by their difficulty. Registered users earn loyalty points called CakeCoins with every purchase. Those points could cover up to half the price of any future purchase, making it easier to afford a full collection.

We provide many other Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 boosting and Call of Duty Warzone 2 boosting services. Reach out now to place an order!