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Call of Duty DMZ boosting is the simplest, fastest way to collect rewards from this game mode. DMZ is an original Warzone 2 mode similar to Escape from Tarkov. It lets players progress between matches by playing through missions and acquiring contraband weapons. They could also obtain numerous exclusive cosmetics. However, farming the mode for those benefits can become a tedious grind. Buy our CoD DMZ boosts to let our boosting experts complete any related task on your behalf.


What am I supposed to do in Warzone 2 DMZ matches?

There is no simple win condition. Instead, your goal is to survive and evacuate after completing personal objectives. Those objectives may include missions, contracts, and acquiring valuable items.

Is DMZ free for all players?

It is a Warzone 2 game mode. As such, anyone can play it for free. There is no need to purchase Modern Warfare 2, although it does grant access to some exclusive content.

How many players participate in DMZ matches?

DMZ mode maximum lobby size is 66, although the player count seldom goes that high in practice.

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What is DMZ in Call of Duty?

Call of Duty DMZ is an extraction shooter mode unlike anything else in the series. It takes place on the Al Mazrah battle royale map but follows different rules. Players are usually divided into trios, although they could play duo or solo if desired. In addition to human rivals, they must contend with NPC opponents. Participants can accept missions from factions, advancing through storylines and collecting rewards. Ordinary contracts and undirected looting opportunities are also available. There is no overarching objective, but there is time pressure in the form of radiation circles. Combatants who manage to evacuate from exfil points retain cash and various items that could be reused in future DMZ matches.

Reasons to Buy Warzone DMZ Boost

There are several reasons why you may wish to buy our DMZ boosting services:

  • Unlike most modes, DMZ involves persistent progression. It takes effort and planning to acquire the cash and items necessary to thrive. Boosting lets you start playing with those advantages already unlocked;
  • Seasonal resets wipe all progress. Professional assistance lets you recover from this quickly and effortlessly;
  • Missions are central to this mode’s progression. You must beat them to unlock other missions and acquire unique rewards. Yet their objectives are often very difficult. Some require you to kill opponents in complicated ways, while others involve hunting down items. Most missions are multi-stage. Failing at any point will undo previous successes. Simultaneously, you have to resist opponents and ensure your survival. Boosting will save you a lot of frustration and stress;
  • This mode is a major timesink. Many tasks involve traveling to remote parts of the map, which is especially tricky for those unfamiliar with its secrets. Previously mentioned obstacles mean repeated attempts become likely. Getting a boost will save your playtime while ensuring rapid progress. Our boosters play full-time, use proven strategies, and follow optimal routes to every goal;
  • Even if you dislike DMZ, it contains many exclusive cosmetics, including weapon blueprints and Operator skins. Once unlocked, you could use them in any Warzone 2 or Modern Warfare 2 modes. Buying a boost outsources farming this mode to boosting experts. You will not have to play it to claim its collectibles.

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