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Atomgrad Raid

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Call of Duty Atomgrad raid boost represents the most efficient method of farming the CoD MW 2 raid. Modern Warfare 2 Atomgrad is a groundbreaking Call of Duty raid PvE experience. It lets three players fight their way through AI opponents and puzzles in challenging scenarios. Two episodes or fragments of this raid are live, with three more expected later. Participants obtain assorted loot, including random and fixed cosmetics. Buy our piloted Atomgrad raid MW2 boosting service to have us finish this activity on your behalf, or request help in a selfplayed run.

Atomgrad Raid Rewards

The exact Atomgrad boost rewards depend on your chosen Atomgrad raid episode, difficulty, and past results.

Atomgrad Episode 1 rewards:

  • Atomgrad ep01 cleared;
  • One of seven random cosmetics (loading screens, player cards, emblems, or a blueprint);
  • Guaranteed “Convoy” Gaz Operator skin on initial clear.

Atomgrad Episode 2 rewards:

  • Atomgrad ep2 cleared;
  • One of seven random cosmetics (loading screens, emblems, a player card, a camo, or a weapon charm);
  • Guaranteed “Bad Boonie” Price Operator Skin on initial clear;
  • Beast Maker Kastov-74u blueprint if optional challenge selected.

Guaranteed Veteran Atomgrad rewards (on top of standard episode loot):

  • The Punchline Bryson 800 blueprint (episode 1);
  • Triple Threat Minibak blueprint (episode 2).

You will also receive Profile (Military Rank), Weapon, and Battle Pass XP earned during the Atomgrad boost service. As usual, all rewards are shared between MW2 and Warzone 2!


We expect to complete your raid carry service within two to four hours, depending on the selected options.


  • Modern Warfare 2 owned;
  • Raid Access key acquired. You may order a carry service with included raid unlocking.

Atomgrad Raid Walkthrough - Quick Guide

MW2 Atomgrad is an original cooperative game mode unlike any other in Call of Duty. The raid is an unusually complicated Special Operations variant requiring a premade three-person group. Below, we cover the basics necessary to overcome current Atomgrad raid episodes.

How to Unlock Atomgrad

Atomgrad raid may be unlocked in several ways:

  • Beat a designated Daily Challenge in Multiplayer or Special Operations. The former usually involves killing a fixed number of opponents, while the latter requires earning Stars in missions;
  • End a Warzone 2 Battle Royale match among the top 20 participants;
  • Evacuate DMZ at the last opportunity with a minimum of 30,000 dollars.

Those objectives are not very difficult to achieve if you are prepared to keep trying and understand gameplay basics. Cautious strategies seem especially helpful in Warzone 2 challenges. If using DMZ, concentrate on lucrative Faction Missions. Alternatively, our boosters could clear the way for you in separate boosting services. Succeeding in any task will let you and two friends embark on the Atomgrad raid. Beating either raid episode once unlocks its Veteran raid difficulty.

How to Beat Atomgrad?

The Atomgrad raid is set inside tunnels and subterranean facilities. Raid progress is usually linear and straightforward, except for the puzzles covered below. Otherwise, your main concern should be overcoming hordes of enemies in your way. We have several Atomgrad raid tips that should help:

  • Before embarking on this raid, remember to powerlevel your Special Operations kits in simpler co-op missions. Resulting superior equipment can make a major difference in your progress;
  • Avoid being spotted for as long as possible. Once detected, your group will face waves of attackers. While this is bound to happen eventually, you could delay decisive confrontations and thin their ranks through silent headshots;
  • Try to save ammo until those inevitable showdowns;
  • Never miss an opportunity to loot for more ammunition, equipment, and protection;
  • Switch weapons depending on circumstances and playstyle. You will probably want punchy, short-range weapons for dealing with large numbers of enemies up close, and stealthier pieces earlier;
  • Coordinate closely with allies, especially during puzzles. Communicating is essential, so make sure they hear you and practice callouts;
  • Concentrate fire on tough opponents like Juggernaut.

3-Star Achievement Completion

To earn three Stars in the Atomgrad raid, you must finish it within 40 minutes. While challenging, an experienced and well-coordinated raid group could certainly achieve this result. Familiarity with the raid is essential. Do not expect to achieve this on your initial attempt. There is little room for error, so we recommend getting a piloted boost service with this option selected if you must have this reward.

Atomgrad Puzzles

Each Atomgrad raid episode seen so far includes several trickier sections. Overcoming them requires careful coordination among participants.

Episode 1 Puzzles

Both puzzles revolve around deciphering codes to get through a door. The necessary information is in different places, so players should split up and exchange information. Each door requires three codes entered by different characters, forcing them to trade places after each entry. There are some differences:

  • Someone should keep an eye on screens in the larger room, while a teammate covers screens in the smaller nearby area. Switch feeds until they show Control areas displaying Cyrillic letters and numbers. The third teammate should read out letters from the larger room’s red display. Teammates should search for letters on screens and respond with numbers underneath, providing codes;
  • As before, two players must find their numbers in two different nearby computer rooms, while avoiding constant attacks. Also, each code must be entered within progressively smaller time limits to avoid resetting. This will not invalidate earlier codes, however.

Episode 2 Puzzles

The first three puzzles involve platforming and follow similar basic rules. Pressing red buttons temporarily raises platforms. Ideally, all buttons should be pressed at once. Only one character can stand on one platform at a time, so taking turns is necessary. During the initial puzzle, players must deal with a steam hazard. While the first character makes their way across, another should turn the valve to remove the hazard. The first one should then turn a different valve at the top, making it easier for the others to follow.

A more complex hazard section appears near the end. While one combatant navigates hazards such as gas and an electrified floor, the other two should oversee the controls and clear the way:

  • Activate ventilation and open the door;
  • Deactivate ventilation when the first player reports finding the fans;
  • Open the other door when that player reports reaching it.

After killing opponents on the other side, they should find another set of controls. Now they and another player should cooperate from different rooms to clear the way for the second character. The first and second characters should then help the third.

How Does Modern Warfare 2 Atomgrad Boosting Work?

There are several reasons why you might wish to order an Atomgrad raid boost service:

  • You want to collect prestigious CoD Atomgrad rewards without wasting valuable time and energy on farming this activity;
  • You are having trouble finding reliable teammates. There is no matchmaking, so you must schedule runs with friends, convince strangers, or buy a boost. If you still want to attempt this raid yourself, our selfplay service will provide professional backup;
  • You find Atomgrad’s combination of demanding puzzles and intense combat to be more frustrating than fun.

After purchasing the Atomgrad boost service, speak to our support staff and help us work out a mutually acceptable schedule. If you chose to pilot, our booster will play from your account during those intervals. They shall undertake this mission alongside other boosters. We work with fully vetted expert gamers whose knowledge of optimal tactics ensures success with minimal complications. Alternatively, you could receive a selfplay service. In that case, boosters will accompany you on the Atomgrad raid. Follow their lead scrupulously and receive an assured victory while experiencing this unique activity directly.

How long does the Atomgrad raid take? According to developers, regular, unfamiliar players should finish the normal mode Atomgrad raid within two hours. However, missteps may delay completion. The veteran's difficulty is likely to take longer. Our expert boosters will clear the Atomgrad raid at guaranteed top speed. You can order Modern Warfare 2 services dealing with any part of the game from our boosting catalog.

Atomgrad Raid
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