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CoD Battle Pass Boost

CoD Battle Pass service presents the most efficient way to secure all Battle Pass rewards in any active CoD game. Players can obtain many benefits by advancing through the Battle Pass, including cosmetics and COD Points. Yet the BP climb is rather tedious and prolonged. If you would rather collect rewards without delays, order our Battle Pass CoD boost! Our elite crew will help you acquire anything you want from this system in Modern Warfare II or CoD Mobile.


  • Desired Battle Pass level reached (Call of Duty Mobile Battle Pass);
  • Required number of Battle Pass tokens (CoD MW2 Battle Pass);
  • Unlocked Battle Pass items, including new weapons, weapon blueprints, Operators, and further cosmetic items;
  • COD Points in the chosen title(s);
  • Further benefits acquired during BP leveling, such as Weapon XP, Profile XP, and KD ratio improvements.

All your profile’s rewards are shared across Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2. CoD Mobile rewards remain exclusive for that title. That includes its version of COD Points.


CoD Battle Pass leveling boost speed depends on the specified target. We could usually clear one Battle Pass in less than a week. Speak with our staff about your individual estimate.


  • Desired Battle Pass owned if seeking premium track rewards.

What Is a CoD Battle Pass Boost?

Battle Pass is a mechanic that lets CoD players acquire extra rewards during each in-game season. Two Battle Pass systems currently remain operational:

  • The MW2 Battle Pass, shared with WZ2, utilizes the new Sector approach. Rewards are distributed between sectors on a map. Players must spend BP tokens to buy individual items or open entire sectors, unlocking further purchases in adjacent areas. Each BP season lasts around three months. Most BP prizes become unattainable after their initial season;
  • CoD Mobile retains a more traditional progress track. Players unlock rewards by reaching tiers in a linear progression. Seasons last around a month. However, users could purchase older BPs with COD Points and complete them later to acquire their spoils.

Despite those differences, the overall principle remains the same. Players progress towards tiers or tokens by earning CoD Battle Pass XP. They receive BP XP when achieving certain objectives or just playing the game. Users could also purchase progress using COD Points included with other rewards or bought with real money. Yet COD Points could be spent on buying more Battle Passes or various game store goods instead. The vast majority of BP items are purely cosmetic. Although mechanically powerful weapons show up sometimes, they typically become available from other sources later. Nonetheless, many people want those cosmetics for their prestige and distinctive looks.

Battle Pass farming can take a while. Rather than grind XP yourself, you could purchase a boost. This professional service allows an experienced gamer to play from your account. Soon, all desired COD Points and other prizes could be yours without any need for your participation. We offer such services for all current CoD titles.

Advantages of Call of Duty Battle Pass Boosting Services

You will receive several benefits by purchasing CakeBoost’s BP farm carries:

  • You need not fret about optimal farming methods. People developed many tricks that could accelerate your progress, often costing your enjoyment of the gameplay. Our boosters use them better, thanks to their experience;
  • We employ experienced, reliable gamers who passed our background checks. Those experts’ knowledge of optimal tactics enables much quicker advancement than most clients achieve by themselves. Playing full-time means they can progress with maximum efficiency;
  • You will not miss out on any seasonal items in MW2. Many of those items could not even be purchased with COD Points later, so getting them before the BP deadline is crucial. Such concerns become less pressing in Mobile since you could buy old BPs with COD Points. Yet keeping up with constantly expanding progress tracks proves difficult in its own right;
  • Each purchase provides CakeCoins, CakeBoost’s loyalty currency that you could spend to partly cover the prices of subsequent boosts.

We provide a wide range of other Call of Duty Mobile boosting and Modern Warfare 2 services.

CoD Battle Pass Boost
Quantity: 1
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10 Levels
10 Levels
20 Levels
30 Levels
40 Levels
50 Levels
BP Tokens
Available for Modern Warfare 2 & Warzone 2
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40 Tokens
50 Tokens

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