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CoD Calling Cards Boost

Calling Card boost presents a perfect opportunity to acquire those popular collectibles hassle-free. Calling Cards are traditional Call of Duty cosmetics that appear in the background of player nameplates. People use them for self-expression or to impress their fellow players. Many Calling Cards are gated behind various tough in-game challenges. Buy our Calling Card boost, and our boosters will swiftly acquire any obtainable Calling Card in all recent CoD titles.


  • Selected Calling Card;
  • Incidental rewards earned during order delivery, such as improved statistics and XP.


Calling Card order delivery speed depends on unlocking challenge conditions. Consult with our support staff to receive your individual estimate.


  • Modern Warfare 2 owned for exclusive MW2 Calling Card boosts.

What is a Calling Card in Call of Duty?

Calling Cards are cosmetics that appear behind player names on Player cards. Others can see them in killcams, victory screens, and Socials. Some are animated, while others are static. Naturally, they offer no mechanical benefit, but many people enjoy customizing their presentation in a social multiplayer experience. Like all cosmetics, they exist for self-expression and bragging rights. The latter is especially applicable for items that must be unlocked through gameplay. While some of them could be purchased from stores or earned via promotions, others require people to beat various challenges. Our boosting services help clients with the latter.

How to Get CoD MW2 Calling Cards?

Unlockable Modern Warfare 2 Calling Cards come from several sources:

  • Global Mastery Challenges involving large amounts of specific kills;
  • Similar but harder Prestige Mastery Challenges unlocked by reaching Prestige Ranks;
  • Weapon Masteries, each of which requires killing a hundred opponents with a Golden Camo weapon;
  • Temporarily-accessible seasonal Battle Pass Sectors;
  • Certain Campaign and Co-Op missions.

How to Get Warzone 2 Calling Cards?

Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 cosmetics are shared. Likewise, you can fulfill most MW2 challenges in WZ2. Yet the free title offers some unique Calling Card opportunities of its own:

  • Warzone Mastery Challenges that involve amassing wins, kills, or other accomplishments in Battle Royale;
  • DMZ Mastery Challenges that similarly reward various actions in the extraction shooter mode;
  • Other DMZ sources, such as certain faction missions and Weapon Case exfiltrations.

How to Get Calling Cards in CoD Mobile?

Free CoD Mobile Calling Card sources include:

  • Achieving Weapon Mastery thresholds by wielding specific weapons in progressivelyprogressively harder matches;
  • Ranked Battle Royale rewards, which change monthly;
  • Random Crate rewards. Crates may be obtained after completing featured matches and daily tasks;
  • Seasonal events and challenges;
  • Battle Pass tiers. Unlike traditional shooters, this title allows users to purchase and progress in previous Battle Passes, acquiring their rewards as well.

Call of Duty Calling Cards Boosting Service

Our pro booster could play from your account at pre-scheduled intervals, working to acquire your desired Calling Card. There are several reasons why you may wish to buy this boosting service:

  • Unlock challenges tend to be difficult, frustrating, and somewhat monotonous. Outsourcing this task to others lets you skip the grind;
  • Our employees are professional gamers with confirmed experience. They play full-time and know optimal tactics for every task. As a result, they can achieve much quicker results than most players would themselves;
  • Some collectibles can only be acquired in a limited time window. If you lack free playtime while they remain available, you could easily miss out. This worry is immediately resolved by our services.
  • In brief, our assistance will let you start using your preferred background quickly and without a lengthy grind.

CakeBoost provides a wide range of MW2 carry, Warzone boosting, and Call of Duty Mobile services, helping customers achieve their in-game goals. Reach out now to place an order!

CoD Calling Cards Boost
Quantity: 1
Service Customization
Global Mastery Challenges
Execution Mastery
Kill Mastery
Assist Mastery
Lethal Mastery
Headshot Mastery
Double Kill Mastery
Longshot Mastery
Hipfire Mastery
Malee Mastery
Execution Mastery
Undying Mastery
Defense Mastery
Assault Mastery
Vehicle Kill Mastery
Win Mastery
DMZ Mastery Challenges
0 options selected
DMZ Exfil Mastery
DMZ Cash Extraction Mastery
DMZ UAV Tower Mastery
DMZ Contract Mastery
DMZ Boss Mastery
DMZ Agent Kill Mastery
DMZ Operator Kill Mastery
DMZ Final Exfil Mastery
DMZ Valuables Extraction Mastery
DMZ Stronghold Mastery
DMZ Unlock Mastery
DMZ Armored Agent Kill Mastery
DMZ Loot Cache Mastery
Warzone Mastery Challnges
0 options selected
Warzone Wins Mastery
Warzone Kill Mastery
Warzone Contract Mastery
Warzone Loot Mastery
Prestige Mastery Challnges
0 options selected
Prestige 1 Mastery
Prestige 2 Mastery
Prestige 3 Mastery
Prestige 4 Mastery
Prestige 5 Mastery

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