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DMZ Legion Missions Boost

Buy Legion Mission boost to farm this DMZ faction’s tasks quickly and effortlessly. Legion Missions were reworked in MW2’s Season Two, adding extra objectives and rewards. CoD players who complete those pursuits gain XP, exclusive cosmetics, and equipment for CoD characters to use in later DMZ matches. Farming this activity can be a frustrating and time-consuming process, often requiring repeated attempts. Buy this boosting service to have our boosters play through chosen missions on your behalf.


  • Selected Legion Missions finished;
  • Individual Legion Mission rewards;
  • Large amounts of Profile, Weapon, and Battle Pass XP;
  • Any other benefits acquired during the boost, including items for future matches.


Boost order delivery speed depends on selected Legion Missions. Ask our support staff about your individual Legion Mission boost estimate.


  • Active Warzone 2 account;
  • Legion Mission unlock achieved. You may order a boost to fulfill this condition.

Legion Faction Missions in DMZ

To unlock this faction’s tasks, one must complete the final Tier 1 White Lotus faction objective. It is gated behind five other White Lotus T1 missions. Similarly, you must play through five Legion Missions in any Tier to unlock its ultimate task. Fulfilling this final objective is necessary to unlock the next faction Tier. Legion Mission Tiers and Rewards:

Tier 1

InvestigativeContraband Bryson 800 and 5,000 XP
Create a ClassAmongst Thieves Calling Card and 5,000 XP
Health ConsciousCity Hall Hideout Key - Worn and 5,000 XP
Key EliminationContraband FTAC Recon and 5,000 XP
Frame JobDouble XP Token and 5,000 XP
Buried BarrelsContraband Kastov 762 and 5,000 XP
Muddy WatersManiples X12 Weapon Blueprint and 10,000 XP

Tier 2

Into the DeepDeckhand's Toolbox Key - Used and 7,500 XP
Anti-AirContraband STB 556 and 7,500 XP
DemolitionsContraband RAPP H and 7,500 XP
Data CollectionContraband HCR 56 and 7,500 XP
Poisoned WellContraband SP-X 80 and 7,500 XP
A Helping HandContraband Kastov 762 and 7,500 XP
UntraceableAfter the Fight Loading Screen and 15,000 XP

Tier 3

Shock ValueGreen Access Card and 10,000 XP
Joy RideContraband M16 and 10,000 XP
Lead By ExampleContraband 556 Icarus and 10,000 XP
Good FortuneContraband Signal 50 and 10,000 XP
Missing PersonNo Loyalty Emblem and 10,000 XP
Deadly PrecisionDouble Weapon XP Token and 10,000 XP
The TransporterGrunt Work Mil-Sim SpecGru Faction Operator Skin and 20,000 XP

Tier 4

Heavy ArmorContraband M16 and 15,000 XP
Intelligence ControlHydro Island Computer Key and 15,000 XP
JunkyardContraband SO-14 and 15,000 XP
Last Minute EvacContraband RAPP H and 15,000 XP
WingmanDouble XP Token and 15,000 XP
Nail in the CoffinZarqwa Market Storage Key and 15,000 XP
Follow InstructionsLegion Weapon Charm and 30,000 XP

Tier 5

Out of the DeepContraband Kastov 762 and 20,000 XP
All ClearDouble Weapon XP Token and 20,000 XP
All Fired UpDouble Weapon XP Token and 20,000 XP
Thirst for Knowledge Contraband Bryson 800 and 20,000 XP
Contractual ObligationsControl Tower Key and 20,000 XP
Clean SweepNo Loyalty Calling Card and 20,000 XP
Air TrafficEquites VEL 46 Weapon Blueprint and 40,000 XP

Legion Mission Boosting Service

Legion Missions tend to be rather complicated, involving multiple steps and complex requirements. It is all too easy to fail them during hectic DMZ matches. Rather than try to farm them yourself, you could outsource Legion operations to boosting professionals. After you buy our boost, we will arrange a mutually satisfactory schedule.

Our booster will log into your account at scheduled intervals and work to complete all the necessary tasks. Their experience and ability to play full-time will ensure rapid success. You could order services for any or all Legion Missions!

We can also boost WZ2 or boost MW2 to help with any other problems you encounter. Reach out now to buy your desired boosting service and enjoy our fast results!

DMZ Legion Missions Boost
Quantity: 1
Service Customization
Tier 1
Create a Class
Health Conscious
Key Elimination
Frame Job
Buried Barrels
Muddy Waters
Tier 2
0 options selected
Into the Deep
Data Collection
Poisoned Well
A Helping Hard
Tier 3
0 options selected
Shock Value
Joy Ride
Lead By Example
Good Fortune
Missing Person
Deadly Precision
The Transporter
Tier 4
0 options selected
Heavy Armor
Intelligence Control
Last Minute Evac
Nail in the Coffin
Follow Instructions
Tier 5
0 options selected
Out of the Deep
All Clear
All Fired Up
Thirst For Knowledge
Contractual Obligations
Clean Sweep
Air Traffic

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