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DMZ Redacted Mission Boost

Any of the Redacted faction’s DMZ mission rewards can be yours effortlessly if you buy a Redacted Mission boost. This new faction offers many benefits to CoD players, from exclusive cosmetics and Contraband guns to major XP gains. Yet claiming those spoils by fulfilling objectives during matches is a lengthy and frustrating process. Our Redacted Mission farm service represents the most efficient way to handle this pursuit. Place an order now so our crew could start working on your goals.


  • Selected Redacted Missions completed;
  • Individual Redacted Mission rewards (see table below for details);
  • Large amounts of Profile, Weapon, and Battle Pass XP;
  • Any other benefits acquired during the boost, including Contraband equipment.


Boost order completion speed depends on selected Redacted Missions. Ask our support staff about your individual Redacted Mission boost estimate.


  • Active Warzone 2 account;
  • Modern Warfare 2 is owned.

Redacted Faction Missions in DMZ

This faction’s starting missions are available from the start. You must finish every objective in each tier to unlock the next tier. Many tasks involve stealth and/or sabotage, along with recently-added DMZ features like Secure Supplies Contracts. Look at Redacted Mission Tiers and Rewards List:

Tier 1

Upgraded ArsenalCrane Control Room Key and 5,000 XP
DealmakerContraband RAAL MG and 5,000 XP
Cartel InvestigationDouble XP Token and 5,000 XP
Well Supplied SoldierContraband Bryson 800 and 5,000 XP
Calling CardSawah Hotel Room 302 Key and 5,000 XP
Unstoppable ForceContraband X12 and 5,000 XP
Zero Tolerance (Complete five other Tier 1 Redacted Missions to unlock)Company: Shadow Weapon Charm and 10,000 XP

Tier 2

In Good Health And SpiritsContraband LM-S and 7,500 XP
Smoking GunSattiq Poppy Farmer House Key and 7,500 XP
Reconnaissance By FireContraband Kastov 762 and 7,500 XP
Dark WaterLost Room 403 Key and 7,500 XP
Flight RiskDouble Weapon XP Token and 7,500 XP
ChaffeurContraband TAQ-V and 7,500 XP
Left High And Dry (Complete five other Tier 2 Redacted Missions to unlock)Join Us Emblem and 15,000 XP

Tier 3

Friendly FireDouble Weapon XP Token and 10,000 XP
Gear UpCity Hall Hideout Key and 10,000 XP
Double CrossResearch Center Room Key
 and 10,000 XP
Rain And HellfireContraband TAQ-V and 10,000 XP
One Shot, One KillIn The Shadows Weapon Sticker and 10,000 XP
Fair FightDouble XP Token
 and 10,000 XP
Excavation (Complete five other Tier 3 Redacted Missions to unlock)Shadow Warrior Operator Skin and 20,000 XP

You can buy boosting services to cover any or all of these objectives. Two more tiers are expected to arrive in the near future. We will add them to boosting options at the earliest opportunity.

Redacted Mission Boosting Service

Like other DMZ missions, this faction’s offerings are an excellent source of XP. They also provide unique cosmetics and contraband equipment your CoD character could use in future DMZ matches. However, farming Redacted Missions is a difficult and frustrating process, especially if you lack the patience for subterfuge. Buy this boost to outsource the task to experts. Our boosting crew can play full-time and knows optimal strategies. They will meet all required objectives without delay. Order a boost for any available missions, and we will figure out how to resolve them.

CakeBoost has many other great boosting offers for Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2. Reach out now to buy boosts covering all your in-game needs.

DMZ Redacted Mission Boost
Quantity: 1
Service Customization
Tier 1
Upgraded Arsenal
Upgraded Arsenal
Cartel Investigation
Well Supplied Soldier
Calling Card
Unstoppable Force
Zero Tolerance
Tier 2
0 options selected
In Good Health and Spirits
Smoking Gun
Reconnaissance by Fire
Dark Water
Flight Risk
Left High and Dry
Tier 3
0 options selected
Friendly Fire
Gear Up
Double Cross
Rain and Hellfire
One Shot, One Kill
Fair Fight
Tier 4
0 options selected
Leaked Documents
Tunner Rats
Brothers In Arms
Abandoned Operator
Tier 5
0 options selected
Case The Place
Chemical Sourcing
Pet Rescue
Unrestricted Access
Dry Eyes
Irradiated Waters
Red Smoke

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