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MW2 & Warzone 2 KD Boost

Using KD boost services is the most reliable method of improving your kill/death ratio in any recent Call of Duty title. Having a high percentage is the ultimate sign of gaming success among fans of those shooters. However, raising this number is a difficult and often frustrating process. Buy our boosting service, and we will swiftly handle this task in Modern Warfare 2, Warzone 2, or CoD Mobile.


  • The target number of kills or KD ratio;
  • Guaranteed 2+ KD Ratio maintain during the boost;
  • Chance of improving your Wins stats;
  • Other benefits acquired during the boost service, include Profile, Weapon, and Battle Pass XP.


Boosting service execution speed depends on the ordered number of kills or ratio. Speak with our support staff to discover your personal estimate.


  • An active account for your chosen Call of Duty Game.

What Is KD in Call of Duty?

K/D or kill/death ratio compares how often you killed your opponents to how often you were killed yourself. The game tracks this number during matches and over your entire career. For many players, it serves as the definitive measure of performance. Leaderboards and stat tracking sites often include this metric, letting other gamers compare each others’ results. Players whose kills exceed their deaths by 2 or more are widely respected. Getting there is never easy, since it requires mastery of every aspect of gameplay. You must have great timing, coordination, map awareness, and shooting skills to improve your ratio. Bad luck or minor mistakes often cause frustrating setbacks.

Best Way to Boost KD in CoD

Rather than farm killing yourself, consider leaving this task to professionals. CakeBoost lets you buy a Warzone 2 kills boost or similar services in other titles. You could request a fixed number of kills or a target ratio. Our boosting expert will play from your account at prescheduled intervals. They will diligently and efficiently execute opponents until your target is reached. This boost service will save you a lot of effort and stress. In addition to an improved CoD MW2 KD, CoD Warzone 2 KD, or CoD Mobile KD metric, you can expect significant XP gains.

CakeBoost’s Warzone 2 boosting service extends to many aspects of the title beyond WZ2 kills boost offerings, including DMZ missions and prestigious Nuke collectibles. You could order assorted MW2 boosts and CoD Mobile services as well.

MW2 & Warzone 2 KD Boost
Quantity: 1
Service Customization
Number of Kills
3+ KD Ratio
Warzone 2: This option improves the KD ratio by one point. This means that the ratio is guaranteed to be better than 60 kills/20 deaths.
Modern Warfare 2
CoD Mobile
Warzone 2


What is a good CoD KD?

Average CoD KD hovers around 0.9, meaning you die slightly more than you kill. 1.5 and upwards CoD MW2 KD ratio is considered good.

How do I check KD in recent CoD titles?

To see their KD ratio Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 players should access the Stats screen from those titles’ main menus. CoD Mobile players should click their profile avatar on the bottom left of their menu, then proceed to stats.

What is a good KD ratio in CoD Mobile?

2 K/D ratio or higher.

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