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CoD Operators Unlock Service

Buy CakeBoost’s Call of Duty Operators boosting service to collect any character skin quickly and assuredly. Operators in recent CoD games are purely cosmetic. Nevertheless, many players seek out those skins for self-expression and to spice up their gameplay experience. Some characters are available from the start or easily accessed, while others are gated behind tough challenges. Order our Call of Duty Operators carry now, and our crew will acquire any combatant skin with maximum efficiency.


  • Specified Operator;
  • Incidental rewards earned while boosting, such as improved statistics and all types of XP.
  • In order to unlock operators in CoD Mobile, please, contact our support.


  • Operator boost speed depends on their specific challenge conditions. Contact our support staff to receive an individual estimate.


  • Modern Warfare 2 is owned for CoD MW2 Operator unlock.

How to Unlock Operators in CoD

Recent CoD titles offer multiple ways to acquire Operators, divided into three overall categories:

  • Starting characters are available by default for all players or special edition owners;
  • Certain skins may be bought with CODPoints (purchased with real money or earned through in-game sources like Battle Pass tiers);
  • The rest must be acquired in-game, by completing certain challenges. Each individual has their own requirements.

Our services deal with the third category. Different recent titles present some nuances for CoD unlock Operators collectors.

How to Unlock Operators in CoD MW2?

Unlockable Kortac and SpecGru combatants come from several in-game sources:

  • Fulfilling challenges in Multiplayer matches, such as specific kinds of kills;
  • Successfully playing through certain campaign missions;
  • Successfully playing through certain co-op missions;
  • Reaching their tier in the seasonal Battle Pass.

How to Unlock Operators in CoD Warzone 2

Because of WZ2 and MW2 account integration, combatants are shared between them. Successful MW2 Operators unlock actions translate into seamless Warzone 2 Operators unlock, and vice versa. You can obtain certain skins in either title. Warzone 2 matches count as MW2 Multiplayer matches for challenge purposes. However, other conditions could only be met through the full, paid version of the game.

How to Unlock Operators in CoD Mobile?

The long-running Mobile game has acquired a much greater variety of characters over its lifetime. Their appearances range from realistic spec ops gear to some truly outlandish looks. They may be obtained in several ways:

  • Logging in daily provides varied rewards, including epic skins for users who log in 24 days per month;
  • Reaching Master III rank in Battle Royale mode yields exclusive combatants. Ranks and rewards reset each month;
  • Meeting conditions during championships and other events also lets users claim characters. Conditions range from playing enough matches to simply watching the victory video;
  • Battle Pass reward tiers sometimes contain characters. Users may buy older Battle Passes with Mobile CODPoints.

Your Mobile account’s collection and CODPoints are wholly separate from those of other titles.

Benefits of CoD Operators Boosting

If you order CakeBoost’s Call of Duty Operators unlocks service, our employee will play from your account to acquire the target skin. This results in several advantages:

  • Our expert CoD booster plays full-time and knows optimal tactics for every challenge. They will obtain your prize at top speed. You can start playing with your favorite character right away;
  • You will never miss out on temporarily-available Battle Pass rewards. Our expert shall complete each SpecGru Operator unlock or Kortac Operator boost with time to spare;
  • Unlock challenges are often frustrating. They force players to use suboptimal tactics, reducing their enjoyment of matches. We shall handle them on your behalf, leaving you free to enjoy the results.

CakeBoost provides an extensive range of further MW2 carry services and Warzone 2 carries. We also boost Call of Duty Mobile, helping players overcome their grind.

CoD Operators Unlock Service
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