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Orion Camo

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Using CakeBoost’s Orion Camo carry is the fastest way to unlock Orion skins for all weapons in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2. Orion camouflages stand among the most prized cosmetics those titles can offer. Unlocking them requires beating all other camo challenges. Our experts can handle this difficult and time-consuming process with maximum efficiency. We guarantee swift and dependable progress if you buy Orion Camo boosting services from CakeBoost.

Please contact us for a discount if you already have progress of more than 25%!


  • Orion camos unlocked in MW 2 and WZ 2;
  • All other camos unlocked;
  • Many kills and wins;
  • Other rewards earned during our Orion service, include XP gains, Battle Pass progress, and unlocked attachments.


Our Orion Camo unlock boost shall conclude within a month.


Buy Modern Warfare 2 for maximum efficiency. If you only own Warzone 2, we could still execute this carry. However, the delivery may take longer. Inform our staff if you wish to buy boosting in WZ2 instead.

How To Unlock Orion Camo in MW2?

As the ultimate camos in MW2, Orion camouflages have especially demanding to unlock conditions:

  • Play through the basic camo challenges for all primary and secondary weapons to unlock Gold challenges;
  • Finish Gold challenges for certain amounts of weapons in each category, unlocking Platinum challenges in those categories;
  • Beat Platinum challenges with 51 weapons, unlocking Polyatomic challenges for those guns;
  • Clear Polyatomic challenges with any 51 weapons to acquire Orion camos.

Modern Warfare 2 shipped with 51 weapons. Initially, players had to beat Gold challenges with all weapons in a category. While updates introduced additional choices for all categories, the number of necessary challenges at every step remained fixed. That gives you some control over guns equipped while hunting Orion camos. Specific objectives vary depending on the guns. However, they all require scoring kills under certain conditions. Gold usually calls for killing multiple opponents without dying yourself. Platinum involves long-distance shots. Polyatomic requires headshots. Basic camos are especially varied, with conditions ranging from crouching to point-blank executions.

Once all necessary challenges are finished, you will receive Orion camos for every gun in your arsenal. Note that only items with Polyatomic unlocked may display Orion camos. However, Orion camouflage will be available even if Polyatomic was acquired later. Challenges may be completed in MW2 or WZ2, though using the former is easier because of its shorter, diverse game types. Thanks to the integration between titles, unlocking Orion camos within one title will let you equip them in both. This increases the value of buying our service.

MW2 Orion Camo Boosting Service

Players may have several reasons for seeking Orion camos. Being ultimate combat mastery symbols, Orion camos are highly prestigious. Equipping one may provide a psychological combat edge. Also, it may be a matter of aesthetic preferences. As suggested by their name, Orion camos possess a striking, cosmic appearance. Many find this look awesome in every sense. If you grow bored of this style later, you could always switch to previously unlocked camos. That should keep both games visually interesting and varied enough throughout their lifespan. Many further benefits may be secured along the way, such as copious XP and stat improvements.

You must cope with numerous obstacles before claiming these rewards:

  • Dozens of individual challenges must be completed to unlock Orion camos. This is the title’s ultimate grind. It requires an enormous commitment of effort;
  • The necessary playtime investment is over a hundred hours. Depending on how much you can play, Orion camo progression may take months;
  • Even with later updates’ additions, your freedom of choice is severely limited. You must master guns from all categories, even if you dislike them or cannot handle them well;
  • Many challenges, such as hunting headshots with shotguns, are extremely inconvenient and frustrating;
  • Pursuing special kill conditions disrupts ordinary gameplay. You will need to follow unintuitive and suboptimal tactics. That may spoil your enjoyment of matches.

Buying CakeBoost’s Orion Camo unlock services solves these problems. Rather than grind yourself, you could let our booster take over. We work with experienced gamers who know the optimal tactics for each gun. They will wrap up every necessary camo challenge with maximum efficiency. Together with this expertise, playing full-time lets professionals achieve much quicker progress than most customers. Requesting help saves you from the grind and annoying forced changes in tactics. You could relax until we deliver Orion camos, then resume fighting in style!

You could buy a variety of further Modern Warfare 2 boosting or Warzone 2 boost services from CakeBoost. Reach out now and place an order!

Orion Camo
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