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Polyatomic Camo

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Ordering CakeBoost’s Polyatomic Camo carry is the fastest method of unlocking Polyatomic skins for chosen weapons in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2. Polyatomic camouflages rank highly among those shooters’ cosmetics. Unlocking them requires playing through many different camo challenges. Rather than grind them yourself, consider getting professional assistance. Buy Polyatomic Camo boosting services from CakeBoost, and our team will ensure swift success.


  • Requested Polyatomic camos unlocked in MW 2 and WZ 2;
  • Orion camo progress;
  • Greatly increased kills and wins;
  • Other rewards obtained during our Polyatomic camo service, include XP gains, Battle Pass progress, and attachments.


Polyatomic camo boost speed depends on the following:

  • What weapons should receive this cosmetic;
  • A number of prerequisite challenges were completed.

Acquiring your first Polyatomic camo from scratch may take two to three weeks. Subsequent skins may be obtained much faster. Speak with our staff to receive an estimate on your specific order.


  • 51+ Platinum Weapons and Platinum Skin on boosted weapon (If your account does not meet the requirements, please purchase the missing platinum weapons first)

Buy Modern Warfare 2 to enable maximum efficiency. We can execute this service in Warzone 2, but delivery will take longer. Let our staff know if you would prefer to buy a WZ2 carry.

How To Get Polyatomic Camos?

Each weapon has an individual Polyatomic camo unlock challenges. Like all cosmetic unlock goals, Polyatomic objectives involve killing some number of opponents under specific conditions:

  • Most guns require headshots;
  • Launchers require double kills;
  • Melee weapons require to backstab kills.

Before you can begin earning Polyatomic camos, you must fulfill these prerequisites:

  • Complete basic and Gold camo challenges for a fixed number of weapons in each primary or secondary category. Basic challenges involve kills under varied conditions, such as while moving or crouching. Gold requires you to kill opponents without dying yourself;
  • Complete Platinum challenges with any 51 weapons. That would unlock Polyatomic camo challenges for all weapons that have Platinum unlocked.

Polyatomic camos may be acquired in Modern Warfare 2 or Warzone 2. Polyatomic camos are shared across titles, as is any progress toward them. However, MW2 is generally more convenient. It has a greater variety of modes. Many of them are fast-paced and small, which enables much quicker progress with most challenges. Long-range tasks are easier to complete on larger maps, but large-scale MW2 matches still end quicker than their WZ2 counterparts. MW2 owners enjoy a clear advantage in this pursuit. Acquiring 51 Polyatomic camos also unlocks prized Orion cosmetics for all equipment with unlocked Polyatomic camos.

MW2 Polyatomic Camo Boosting Advantages

Polyatomic camouflages cannot be mistaken for anything else. They feature eerie and fascinating geometric patterns in otherworldly colors. Many seek them out for their looks alone. Acquiring such camos helps keep the battlefield visually interesting. Since their unlock process involves claiming nearly every other weapon skin, you will have plenty of alternatives if Polyatomic markings become stale. Given the number of challenges players must overcome to claim them, Polyatomic camos are also very prestigious. They provide a psychological advantage in combat. You could collect many other rewards while farming cosmetics, such as XP or previously locked attachments.

Several obstacles stand between you and those benefits:

  • Unlocking and completing Polyatomic camo challenges is a serious investment of effort. You will need to fulfill dozens of objectives. Not everyone could persist with this grind;
  • The process is also very time-consuming. Unless you can grind every day, completion is likely to take weeks;
  • You will need to master weapons from every category, regardless of your preferences and skills;
  • Most challenges are quite difficult even for skillful players, resulting in frustration and additional delays;
  • Killing targets in special ways interferes with regular gameplay. The strategies required to accomplish those tasks are often suboptimal and unintuitive. That would make it harder to win and enjoy matches.

Buying CakeBoost’s Polyatomic camo unlock services solves all those problems. Our expert booster will play from your account and acquire Polyatomic camos on your behalf. We employ reliable, experienced gamers who know optimal tactics to use with every kind of loadout. Using this knowledge, they will complete each relevant challenge with maximum efficiency. Playing full-time means everything must be done as swiftly as possible. Meanwhile, you could relax and prepare to resume fighting without having to worry about this pursuit.

You may buy Polyatomic camos for any or all weapons. If you have questions or special requests, reach out to our staff. We can provide similar assistance with any problem in those titles and beyond. If interested, check out CakeBoost’s other MW2 boosting and Warzone 2 boosting offerings.

Polyatomic Camo
Quantity: 1
Service Customization
Assault Rifles
0 options selected
STB 556
M 16
Kastov 762
Kastov 74-u
Kastov 545
ISO Hemlock
0 options selected
Lachmann Sub
FSS Hurricane
PDSW 528
VEL 46
Fennec 45
Battle Rifles
0 options selected
FTAC Recon
Cronen Squall
0 options selected
Lockwood 300
Bryson 800
Bryson 890
Expedite 12
KV Broadside
0 options selected
HCR 56
556 Icarus
Sakin MG38
Marksman Rifles
0 options selected
SP-R 208
SA-B 50
Lockwood MK2
Tempus Torrent
Sniper Rifles
0 options selected
Signal 50
LA-B 330
SP-X 80
Victus XMR
FJX Imperium
0 options selected
Riot Shield
Combat Knife
Dual Kodachis
0 options selected
X13 Auto
50 GS
0 options selected

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