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Prestige Level Boost

You can earn Prestige Levels in recent Call of Duty titles effortlessly by purchasing CakeBoost’s carry services. Prestige Ranks form a secondary progression system in Modern Warfare 2. It lets players acquire impressive cosmetics, such as Emblems and calling cards. Each season introduces extra ranks. Rather than grind for them yourself, you can leave this task to professional boosters. Buy our Prestige Rank boost to reach your progress goal quickly with our help.


  • Target Prestige Rank reached;
  • Emblems, Blueprints, and other cosmetics tied to progression milestones;
  • Calling Card challenges unlocked;
  • Improved KDA;
  • Weapon XP and Battle Pass progress.


  • Order completion speed depends on your target Rank.


  • Modern Warfare 2 ownership is recommended. We can farm XP in Warzone 2, but it would take longer;
  • Access to Prestige Levels. That means reaching Military Rank 55, which is covered by a separate service.

What Are Prestige Levels in MW2?

After the initial Military Rank progression is completed, all earned Rank XP goes towards Prestige leveling. This system replaces Keys from earlier titles like Black Ops Cold War. When levels reach certain thresholds, you will receive Prestige Ranks:

  • What level is Prestige 1 in MW2? 56, continuing from the Military Ranks.
  • What level is Prestige 2 in MW2? Reach 100 Rank.
  • Afterward, every 50 ranks will bring another Prestige.

What does Prestiging do? Reaching a new rank grants assorted exclusive rewards, beginning with a special Emblem. It unlocks challenges you may complete to earn Calling Cards. You could also obtain weapon Blueprints. While those rewards are purely cosmetic, they can enrich your gameplay experience and impress fellow combatants. They also serve as impressive collectibles.

The maximum amount of Prestige Ranks increases in every season. This increase is accompanied by extra rewards.

Call of Duty Prestige Level Boosting

Grinding XP to increase Prestige Level is a major chore that gets longer with each major update. If you want to claim collectibles and decorate your weapons without grueling effort, our offerings are for you. Simply purchase our Prestige Rank boost and we will take care of everything. Our booster will play from your account at scheduled intervals. By applying optimal XP farming methods and tactics, they should achieve much faster progress than you would yourself. All desired rewards will be yours without any hassle or delays.

Need further assistance with the newest generation of CoD titles? Check out CakeBoost’s catalogs of Modern Warfare 2 services and Warzone 2 boosting services.

Prestige Level Boost
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Prestige Levels
55 Military Rank - Prestige 1
55 Military Rank with discount

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