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CoD MW2 Ranked Play

MW2 Ranked Play carries are the perfect way to advance through Modern Warfare 2 ranked play divisions hassle-free. The newest Call of Duty ranked play game type lets CoD players acquire varied exclusive rewards while presenting a true challenge for their skills. However, fighting under CDL rules is a tricky experience, often delaying progression. Rising to your desired MW2 CDL rank and skill rating (SR) may take a while. Our professional boosters can accelerate your advancement if you buy our ranked play carry.


  • Target skill rating and division;
  • Ranked play wins;
  • Exclusive cosmetic seasonal rewards received at certain win thresholds;
  • CDL rank progress with every victory;
  • Cosmetic CDL rewards like Calling Cards or Weapon Charms, depending on the gradation reached;
  • Cosmetics reflecting the highest SR division the profile achieved in-season, provided at its conclusion;
  • Further benefits are acquired in the carry process, including XP gains for your Profile, Weapons, and Battle Pass.

Instead of an SR division, your order could specify a target CDL threshold. In that case, we will win enough games to reach this target. SR will naturally improve during this process.


Order completion speed depends on multiple factors, including your starting and target SR. Please consult with our support staff about your specific estimate.


  • Modern Warfare 2 owned;
  • Military Rank 16 attained, unlocking Ranked Play.

How to Play MW2 Ranked Mode?

Ranked Play refers to a distinctive game type adapting the Call of Duty League (CDL) ruleset. Many guns, mods, and other features are disabled to enable greater balance along with dynamic action. Participants receive automatic access to all unbanned items. It also features numerous progression mechanisms that yield special prizes.

CoD MW2 Ranking System and CDL Divisions

Ranked Play revolves around a seasonal competitive system. During every season, participants gain SR by winning matches and lose SR by losing matches. Exact changes depend on opposing sides’ compared initial SR and personal accomplishments. Everyone is separated into divisions depending on the current SR:

NameLowest Skill Rating
Bronze0 SR
Silver900 SR
Gold2,100 SR
Platinum3,600 SR
Diamond5,400 SR
Crimson7,500 SR
Iridescent10,000 SR
Top 25010,000 or more SR

Divisions determine matchmaking. Competitors in matches are always limited to one of three ranges:

  • Bronze to Platinum;
  • Diamond to Crimson;
  • Iridescent to Top 250.

SR progress resets on season end. Every player slides down by one division. The CDL ranking system is independent of seasons and ratings. Competitors climb up to rank 50 by collecting stars which are awarded for each victorious match. Certain thresholds yield special cosmetics.

Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Game Modes

Just like CDL games, Ranked Play consists of three 4v4 modes:

  • Hardpoint: Endlessly respawning teams fight over a central location;
  • Control: Teams with limited lives fight over two locations;
  • Search and Destroy: Teams take turns as attackers or defenders. In addition to eliminating each other, attackers can win by blowing up an objective with a delivered bomb. Defenders could win by defusing the bomb.

Each mode comes with several maps.

Seasonal Competitor Rewards

Each Ranked Play season brings exclusive cosmetic rewards. Some call for players to achieve certain amounts of in-season victories. They mainly consist of cosmetic weapon details. Participants also receive multiple end-season cosmetics based on their highest division during that season, beginning with Gold. Those packages usually include a Weapon Charm, an Emblem, and a character appearance. The two highest divisions also provide Calling Cards.

What is the MW2 Ranked Play Boost?

Whether you want effortless CDL progression rewards or high SR to access truly challenging matches, prolonged low-level grinding seems inevitable in this game type. CakeBoost’s boost service represents an alternative. Our expert boosters can play from your account. Their familiarity with optimal tactics and CDL rules lets them resolve each match efficiently. Because they play full-time, rapid progress towards your goals is guaranteed. You will not have to waste hours on frustrating shootouts or depend on unpredictable teammates.

We offer many further ways to boost MW2 profiles, including powerleveling, stats improvements, and raid clears. 

CoD MW2 Ranked Play
Quantity: 1
Service Customization
Current & Desired Rank
1 - 900
Average SR


What are the best MW2 ranked play classes or loadouts?

MW2 ranked meta is always in flux, but you can build powerful classes around multiple persistent strong contenders among primary weapons:

  • TAQ-56 AR for versatile engagements;
  • Vaznev-9K SMG for fast, close-range engagements;
  • SPX-80 SR for long-range sniping.

Attachments should maximize mobility. A knife is an ideal backup weapon in most cases. Optimal Perks and Field Upgrades depend on your specific ranked play mode.

How does CDL ranking work in MW2?

Every ranked play victory yields a star. Collecting sufficient stars raises your CDL rank. The exact numbers of stars required vary, with higher gradations demanding more. 50 CDL ranks exist overall. Every fifth step grants different cosmetic rewards. This rank system is completely independent of SR and never resets.

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