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Warzone 2 Nuke

Hot Offer

Nuke Warzone 2 boost presents the most reliable way to complete this tough achievement and collect prestigious rewards. Warzone 2 Nuke rewards consist of exclusive cosmetics, such as the Nuke skin Warzone 2 fans have been excited about since its release. Acquiring them is quite the feat, requiring multiple consecutive wins and success in an extremely hard WZ2 objective. Simply buy our Nuke boost, and our crew shall ensure success.


  • WZ2 Nuke challenge fulfilled;
  • Nuke Calling Card;
  • Nuke Emblem;
  • Boom Box Charm;
  • Radioactive Sticker;
  • Apparition Operator;
  • Other rewards acquired during your Nuke carry, include improved K/D ratio, wins, and all types of XP.

While rewards must be earned in Warzone 2, they will appear in Modern Warfare 2 as well.


  • We shall execute your WZ2 Nuke order within a week at the latest.


  • Active Warzone 2 account.

How to Obtain the Nuke in Warzone 2

Dropping a Nuke on Warzone 2’s setting of Al Mazrah is not just a spectacular way to end a game. Doing so represents the culmination of the celebrated Tactical Nuke challenge. The challenge includes several tasks:

  • Achieve victory in five successive matches while playing Warzone 2’s battle royale mode;
  • Start the sixth game in the same mode. The Warzone 2 Nuke contract, also known as the Champion’s Quest Contract, shall be provided automatically. A premade squad with four players who each finished the preceding step may attempt this objective in four consecutive matches with different leaders;
  • Collect three ingredients scattered randomly throughout the map. Each introduces a unique penalty for its holder. Beryllium shows its current position to all opponents, Plutonium eats away at their health, while Tritium summons a drone to attack them;
  • Wait until the fourth circle stage. Your final objective will show up on the map once it begins;
  • Reach the designated spot and arm your Tactical Nuke;
  • Hold out for over 120 seconds, preventing opponents from defusing your bomb.

Once your bomb drops, the WZ2 game will immediately end in your victory. Everyone in your team shall receive all spoils unless they already have them. However, failure at any step will doom the whole endeavor. Warzone 2 gameplay is highly unpredictable since you have many opponents to contend with. Winning once is hard enough. Only extremely lucky or skillful WZ2 players could expect five victories in a row. The final match provides the hardest Warzone 2 experience imaginable. Losing wastes your previous efforts, forcing you to start all over again. If this sounds frustrating, you may prefer to order a Warzone 2 Nuke boost.

What Is the Warzone 2 Nuke Boost?

CakeBoost’s Warzone 2 Nuke boost is a professional service that lets you entrust this challenging activity to professionals. After you order it, we can work out a convenient schedule. During prescheduled intervals, our booster will play from your account and cooperate with other experts to secure Warzone 2.0 Nuke cosmetics. We work with carefully vetted expert Warzone 2 players. Their extensive familiarity with optimal WZ2 strategies gives them the best odds to succeed in this tricky assignment. While their final triumph may take a while, they shall keep trying until victory. Playing for a living enables much quicker progress.

Due to the difficulty of this assignment, we only offer a piloted Warzone 2 carry. However, you can still watch the results over our free optional stream. We provide many other CoD WZ2 boost services, from stat farming to DMZ missions. If you are interested in CoD MW2 boosting, CakeBoost has you covered too.

Warzone 2 Nuke
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