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Weapon Cases Farm

Weapon Case boosting is the fastest, most efficient way to obtain exclusive CoD cosmetics from this DMZ mode event. Weapon Cases appear on any DMZ map. During each DMZ match, players can acquire unique rewards by evacuating with such Cases. Each Case could be extracted several times, resulting in different unlocks. Cases are gated behind tough opponents and other obstacles. Buy CakeBoost’s Weapon Case boost and our experts will farm those rewards for you.

DMZ Weapon Case Rewards

  • Selected Weapon Cases extracted the requested number of times;
  • Weapon Case rewards. Each Weapon Case yields specific items depending on how often you extracted it before;
  • Other benefits acquired during the boost, include stat improvements Profile, Weapon, and Battle Pass XP.

Ashika Island Weapon Case Rewards

  • Backup Plan P890 Blueprint
  • Aces Emblem
  • Full House Calling Card
  • Bear With Me Weapon Sticker
  • Triple Threat Loading Screen
  • Full House Emblem
  • Fight Night TAQ-56 Blueprint

Al Mazrah Weapon Case Rewards

  • Caution Tape RPK Blueprint
  • Biohazard Weapon Sticker
  • Jungle Incognito Vehicle Skin
  • Gas Gas Gas Weapon Charm
  • Weapon Crate Calling Card
  • Weapon Crate Emblem
  • Biohazard Konig Operator Skin

Building 21 Weapon Case Rewards

  • Going Bark Weapon Charm
  • Weapon Rover Calling Card
  • Roar Weapon Sticker
  • Company Sniper Emblem
  • Camo Cloud Vehicle Skin
  • Silver Tox Chimera Blueprint

 As usual, all unlocks are shared between Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2.


We can exfiltrate any individual Weapon Case within two hours. If you order multiple Cases, speak with our support staff about your boost delivery estimate.


  • Active Warzone 2 account.

How to Get Weapon Cases in DMZ?

Getting a Weapon Case means picking it up during a match and exfiltrating with it in your possession. Whenever someone picks up a Case, everyone on the map will be alerted and shown their location. Rival combatants can steal this prize by killing their carrier. Only one player or squad can escape the match with this item. Every squad member receives a cosmetic after successful extraction. The person carrying it also gets extra XP.

Each map’s Weapon Case is gated behind a unique set of challenges. Here is what you must do to retrieve them:

  • Ashika Island: Infiltrate Tsuki Castle Fortress. You can either farm a random key elsewhere on the map or defeat and hack the Wheelson drone in front of the fortress. A nearby Juggernaut could intervene if you choose the latter approach. The Case is held by Bombmaker, a boss located at the castle’s topmost level. Along the way, you should evade or take out cameras to avoid being mobbed by waves of AI opponents. After defeating Bombmaker, you could evacuate with your prize;
  • Al Mazrah: Track down the Juggernaut carrying the Case. It may spawn at three different points: Al Sharim Pass, Zarqwa Hydroelectric, and Observatory. There is still only one per match. You will be notified when this enemy is close. Juggernaut fights aggressively and follows opponents, allowing you to choose the battlefield. While heavily armored, it is highly susceptible to stuns;
  • Building 21: Head to the basement and turn left at the B1 sign. Upon reaching the Data Center, hack the security system through an intractable terminal. Other players will be notified when that happens. Proceed to the Armory Room. Open the safe and evacuate with the Case. You will be attacked by waves of AI opponents after opening the safe and until your elevator arrives. Remember that you need the Building 21 Access Card from Al Mazrah to enter this map.

Those tips should also help you win this event:

  • Keep an eye on AI opponents. The first two map events feature powerful bosses, while the third unleashes waves after you reach the safe. However, you will encounter opposition from weaker enemies along the way as well. Try to take them out before facing the main challenge;
  • Preparation is crucial. Make sure you have a solid, varied loadout and some armor plates before going for the kill. Having both long-range and rapid-fire options is ideal;
  • Getting the Weapon Case is just half the battle. Make sure you have a solid escape route and a way to survive until exfiltration;
  • If someone else secures the prize, you can always ambush them and steal it. However, others will probably hit upon the same idea. Time your attack right and do not relax after the steal.

How Does DMZ Weapon Case Boosting Work?

Weapon Cases present a truly challenging pursuit. Both AI opponents and fellow humans will attempt to thwart you every step of the way. Even experienced players have no guarantee of success. Furthermore, attempting the same challenge repeatedly is bound to become monotonous and time-consuming. Our Weapon Case boost lets you outsource this task to boosting professionals. Our piloting carry specialist can play from your account during prearranged intervals, aided by other boosters. Playing full-time and employing optimal strategies will ensure the quickest possible acquisition of any Case reward you want.

Our WZ 2.0 boost services cover a wide range of other DMZ and Battle Royale solutions. Reach out now to order a carry.

Weapon Cases Farm
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Building 21 Weapon Case
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