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D2 Character Boost

Buy D2 Character boost and make your guardian even stronger. You will find any boosts at affordable prices in this category: triumphs and medals, leveling, armor and much more. D2 Character boost is the best way to quickly and efficiently achieve any in-game goals with our PRO gamers.

What Are D2 Character Boosts?

D2 presents multiple ways of improving players’ characters, or Guardians. Power Levels, which are derived from their equipment, increase their combat effectiveness in most modes and open up additional content. Specific items provide individual bonuses that may be more useful for some builds than for others. There are also numerous cosmetic unlocks, from transmog appearances to titles and shaders, that can be obtained by completing certain tasks. Progression can take a while, however. CakeBoost’s D2 Character boost services let customers play the way they want with a minimal wait. Our boosters will unlock everything necessary for clients to truly enjoy the shooter.

What D2 Character Boosts Can You Get?

We offer the following services:

  • Triumphs & Seals boosts, meeting the requirements for certain seals to earn account-wide achievements and rewards such as exclusive cosmetics;
  • Armor Sets boosts, collecting pieces with unique appearances and high stats from all kinds of sources;
  • Power Leveling to the latest level cap, acquiring superior gear up to the target score to enhance the character’s combat effectiveness;
  • Rent Booster services that can be used to farm any activities in the game for resources needed to upgrade the character’s loadouts;
  • Coaching covering any in-game topics over the selected number of hours. 

Why Should You Choose Сakeboost?

  • CakeBoost’s boosting services date back to 2015, giving us considerable expertise and an easy-to-check track record;
  • Our D2 team consists of experienced, thoroughly vetted boosters and coaches that can help with any task;
  • We protect client accounts and data with up-to-date HTTPS encryption, VPNs, and security best practices;
  • The customer support team on our site is ready to answer questions and provide in-depth consultations 24/7;
  • Our services can be customized to suit the purchasers’ needs and are available for all platforms;
  • Customers can benefit from competitive prices, regular discounts, and bonus points for registered users.

How Does D2 Character Boosts Work?

  • Select the desired service from this catalog;
  • Choose the required options and press the “buy” button;
  • Proceed to the shopping cart to confirm the purchase, choose a chat program for dedicated communications, and pay for the service;
  • Once our support team gets in touch, arrange the boosting schedule and any special requests with them;
  • Permit our booster to play from the target account during the scheduled intervals;
  • Follow the order’s progress through frequent status updates. Streams can be provided at no additional charge;
  • Leave feedback on Trustpilot to help us improve our D2 boosting services!