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D2 Armor Boost

Armor set boosts allow you to collect any armor set currently available in D2 without any need for repetitive farming. CakeBoost offers flexible services that accommodate your current Power Level and any special requests. Our professional boosters will complete all tasks both thoroughly and quickly, assembling the complete sets as quickly as the game permits and letting you enjoy their game-changing bonuses.

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Armor is an important part of your overall gear that needs to be chosen according to your fighting style as well as the encounter you are going to face. The characteristics of your equipment are the main aspect that your survival depends on, and as a result, obtaining a high-quality set can take some significant work. CakeBoost offers a wide range of services connected to this aspect, here you can see a short description of the services. For more detailed information check out the individual service page.

Full Armor Deep Stone Crypt Set Service gives you an opportunity to get a very useful set along with 3 Exotics. You have a chance to receive this armor once a week and drop rates are not all that high. All this work will take a sufficient amount of time, but all that is paid off by the quality of the received set.

Reverie Dawn Armor Set Service will provide you with a legendary set. Players can get pieces of this Legendary set of armor by participating successfully in various Events in Dream City, yet the search for the necessary piece may take a long time. 

The Osiris Armor Set is another Legendary that is one of the best that D2 has to offer. Players must take part in the Osiris Trials PvE Event, and to get the necessary piece of armor they have to perform well. Trials require serious training and good equipment due to the fact that you must win as many victories as possible. Players who were able to win the required number of matches get access to the Lighthouse, where they can get one of the pieces of the armor set.

Scatterhorn Armor Set Service is an easy way to get another set of Legendary armor. To get it, you need to get Escapees. All 13 Legendary per week are available for the Spider’s Wanted Bounties, so the farm can take some effort.

To get the Iron Banner Armor Full Gear, your character must participate in the Event Quest and complete it. The Questline is quite long and consists of several tasks: it will be necessary to capture the Zones, kill enemies, and also make various Final Blows from different types of weapons. To cut the work you might want to consider the corresponding service by CakeBoost.

The Garden of Salvation Armor Set is a themed armor that can be collected in the corresponding Raid. To obtain the complete set it can take several raids, as well as a lot of time because there are no guarantees that every time you will receive the right piece of armor. That is where the help of our Boosters can become of use.

Dreambane Armor Set Service can help you obtain yet another very useful set. To become the owner of this armor, the player must complete the Shadowkeep campaign. It consists of 5 missions with high-level bosses at the end of each. As a loot for killing it, the character gains an Essence which must be returned to Lecturn to receive a piece of armor.

Prophecy dungeon gives you an opportunity to get a very useful set of Daito Foundry Armor for its completion once a week, so in order to get each piece of the set you will have to spend some of your time on the same dungeon each week. This routine can become overbearing, so our professionals can do this job for you.

Our boosters will make sure you get what you want in the shortest possible period of time. You will get the chosen set of armor along with any loot and rewards that were acquired during the service completion.