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Lightfall Boosting Services

Lightfall is the latest version of Bungie’s epic sci-fi shooter. The expansion shakes up the game in many ways, introducing innovative subclasses, enemies, locations, and more. It also ushers in a new era of seasonal content. Brand-new activities, instances, and rewards await. Having to keep up with all of these additions can get rather overwhelming. CakeBoost’s Lightfall boosting services will let you stay on top of every new release!

About Our Lightfall Carry

As a live-service game, D2 is regularly updated with fresh content. Players wishing to collect the latest Exotics or try out new activities will never run out of things to do for long. However, not everyone can afford the time and effort required by such pursuits. The novelty soon gives way to the usual grind, causing people to burn out on the shooter before claiming the rewards they seek. Furthermore, each seasonal update raises the Power Level cap. If you want to participate in the newest endgame, you will have to farm for better weapons every season. Otherwise, you will soon be outclassed and left behind.

CakeBoost’s D2 Lightfall boosting services exist to help you keep up in the shooter’s new era. Our boosters can farm newly-added content with maximum efficiency, collecting the items you want while saving you from burnout. If you find the expansion campaign or other missions boring, we can play through it for you and unlock the gameplay options that interest you more. By default, those tasks are accomplished by piloting your character. Yet you could also purchase Lightfall carry services with selfplay. That will allow you to experience the newest activities yourself with professional backup ensuring a fun and rewarding playthrough.

What Is New in Lightfall Season of Defiance?

Unsurprisingly, the initial season of D2 Lightfall is especially generous with extra content. The points listed below are just the most prominent new features:

  • Expansion campaign featuring a clash with Emperor Calus;
  • Two enemy factions, the Shadow Legion and the Tormentors;
  • Neomuna urban cyberpunk destination;
  • Guardian Ranks, a persistent progression system;
  • Seasonal Artifact with modular unlockable perks;
  • Reality-warping Strand elemental subclasses for all Guardian classes;
  • All Power Level caps raised (1600 minimum, 1750 soft cap, 1800 hard cap, 1810 Pinnacle);
  • Rot of Nightmares raid;
  • Defiant Battlegrounds 3-player activity.

As usual, there is also a fresh Season Pass, Seasonal Challenges, collectibles, and equipment of all types.

Season of Defiance Carry Services

You can buy Season of Defiance boost services related to all seasonal novelties. The most popular carries are described below.

The Root of Nightmares Raid Services

The newest raid is a fantastic source of loot, such as exclusive Pinnacle weapons and Exotic armor pieces. While arguably easier than most instances of this type, it still poses a considerable threat to unprepared visitors. Fireteams of six must navigate multiple tricky puzzles and dangerous encounters to win. We present both piloted and selfplayed Season of Defiance boost services for this instance. Both difficulties are available. On top of clearing the raid and collecting its spoils, we can complete extra challenges and track down all secrets to claim further rewards. This carry presents the surest way of reaching the highest cap quickly.

Spire of the Watcher Dungeon Services

Although Spire of the Watcher predates this season, it retains its status as the newest dungeon in the game. As such, it can be farmed every week for Pinnacle drops from each encounter, in addition to other exclusive spoils. The Wild West theme of the instance and its loot has proven very popular. Though straightforward compared to some earlier dungeons, it still has some complex mechanics and dangerous foes. We offer Lightfall boost services to help you loot this dungeon under any special conditions that result in added rewards. That includes piloted solo flawless runs that yield exclusive cosmetics. Other kinds of runs can be done in either boosting format.

Other D 2 Season 20 Carry Services

Additionally, we sell D2 Lightfall boost services to help with Guardian progression tasks such as:

  • Advancing through the Season Pass tiers;
  • Progressing through Guardian Ranks for prestige and to unlock special mods;
  • Unlocking Strand subclasses and fragments;
  • Completing Seasonal Challenges to earn currencies and other prizes;
  • Farming the Defiant Battlegrounds and improving Nimbus Reputation to collect seasonal loot;
  • Acquiring seasonal Legendary or Exotic weapons;
  • Obtaining any newly-added collectibles;
  • Rounding out Triumph Seals and earning prestigious Titles.

If you want to buy Lightfall boost services not present on this website, speak with the support team and they will help you customize an order. We will add more productions to our catalog as updates continue to arrive.