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D2 Raid Boost

Raid boosts allow you to profit from D2’s raids without the usual frustrations of preparing, farming, or coordinating a fire team. CakeBoost’s professional boosters can back you up in any or all of the game’s raids if you choose the selfplay option. Alternatively, you can trust them to complete raids on their own, fulfilling any specified challenge conditions and earning Season Pass experience, unique weapons and armor, and other rewards quickly and without any effort.


What raid boosts are there?

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About D2 Raid Carry Services

D2 raid boost services are amongst the most popular boosting products related to this game. They are fun and rewarding, but also lengthy and often very challenging. There exist a number of services that help you complete them and claim the loot, either by borrowing your account for a while or just carrying you through the raid.

What Can I Get With D2 Raid Boosting Service?

Real D2 raid boosts are available for most major raids in the game. By purchasing these, you agree to let professionals handle the playthrough, either by giving them your account or being part of an experienced team. As a result, you:

  • Get a completed raid;
  • Receive loot and other rewards;
  • Save time

Why Should You Choose Cakeboost?

Cakeboost is a long-time provider of boosting services for various games, including D2. By choosing Cakeboost, you sign up for these advantages: 

  • Fast completion;
  • Transparency; 
  • Regular updates through your preferred means (Discord being the most popular);
  • Paying via various e-commerce methods, as well as crypto

How Does D2 Raid Boost Work?

To acquire a boosting service of your choice and complete it, you need to take a few steps on the website.

  • Find a required boosting service. There are many different products in the D2 raid boost section. Most major, relevant runs are available. The menus are split into convenient categories, and you can locate the currently sold boosts on their respective pages. 
  • Specify the order to buy it. After locating the service, make sure to specify all the details regarding the order. These small details include settings, such as the extent of the boost, the type (Sherpa/Recovery), difficulty, and so forth. 
  • Paying up. After pressing the ‘buy’ button on the dedicated product page, it’ll move to your shopping cart. There, specify the account info, payment info, and communications info, and submit your email.

Buy D2 Raid Boost Right Now

If you’re looking for a raid group as a paid service, you can count on additional bonuses. Cakeboost offers a variety of these. For instance, there is a 10% discount for your first order, as well as an additional bonus if you sign up for the company’s newsletter. Other bonuses can be claimed by attaching promo codes on the checkout page.