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D2 Catalysts Boost

Catalyst boosts can help you upgrade your D2 Exotic weapons into their most powerful versions. Each weapon’s Catalyst provides an extra perk and a Masterwork quality. CakeBoost’s professional players can help you obtain those Catalysts, complete their often lengthy and tedious questlines, or do both in one go. Either way, you will be able to cut out a lot of grinding and move closer to having the strongest version of your arsenal.

Increasing Your Guardian’s Power with D2 Catalysts Weapons Boost

Acquiring and upgrading weapons is core to the D2 experience. Not only is your Guardian’s Power Level determined by your gear, but it can also offer a unique advantage over your opponents. That is especially true for Exotic weapons. In addition to their high stats, they often have wholly original perks or perk combos. That can give their wielders unique, game-changing abilities in combat. Unlike Legendary weapons, most Exotic weapons in D2 have fixed perks, removing the need to hunt for God Rolls. While you can only wield one such weapon at a time, that is a reasonable restriction. After all, each Exotic can completely alter your play style in D2.

There is one way to make your Exotic gun even better, and that is by using a Catalyst. This special item adds an extra trait, enhancing an existing power or stat or else adding a wholly new one. It also turns the weapon into a Masterwork, further improving its stats and giving it the ability to generate Orbs of Power upon multi-kills. On reaching the sixth tier, the Masterwork may also begin to track the kills of all enemies or rival Guardians. In brief, a Catalyst is required to unleash your D2 weapon’s full potential.

Such power comes at a cost, however. Each of those D2 weapons has a unique Catalyst. Even obtaining it can be difficult. While some are given as part of quests, others must be farmed from the open world or specific activities. After you get it, you must still complete a combat challenge. Typically, that requires you to use the weapon to kill a certain number of enemies. Sometimes, special requirements apply. You may need to finish the task in PvE or by using precision finishing blows. In addition to being challenging, those tasks can also be incredibly tedious due to the high number of targets that must be disposed of in the same way.

Farming kills is not the preferred player experience for most. On the other hand, the attraction of enhanced weapons in D2 is great. CakeBoost offers a way out of this dilemma. You can simply buy a Catalyst boost and leave everything to us. The boost can include acquiring the Catalyst, completing the Catalyst challenge, or both tasks at once. By using our services, you can receive the power-up without wasting any time or energy on activities you don’t enjoy. The difficult objectives will actually work in your favor, as you are also likely to receive large amounts of other loot acquired along the way.

Why Should You Buy Catalyst Weapons Boost from CakeBoost?

You can count on us to complete your Catalyst Weapons Boost order reliably, safely, and on time. CakeBoost enjoys the following advantages over the competition:

  1. Our boosters are carefully vetted professionals who excel at specific activities in D2. We always make sure to assign the right player to each D2 boost. That helps ensure efficient and speedy completion of any Catalyst challenge. Meanwhile, you can rest assured that they will not use prohibited methods like bots or cheats;
  2. Our customer support is diligent and available at all times. You can choose among several communication channels or simply speak to them through the site chat. In addition to answering questions about the boost itself, they can consult you on the best Catalyst options;
  3. Our prices for each boost are some of the lowest on the D2 boost market. We try to make our services as cheap as possible while maintaining our high quality. Furthermore, they are modular, letting you get just the right options without paying more than you must.

If you have picked a Catalyst and are ready to purchase the boost, the process itself is very straightforward:

  • Go to the desired boost page in the shop. Check that you fit the requirements and have selected the relevant boost options. You can speak with the support team to make sure;
  • Add the boost to your cart and confirm the order to transfer the payment;
  • The support team will contact you over the requested channel and work out any final details;
  • Our player will take over your account according to the schedule you have arranged;
  • You can simply relax and monitor the progress of the boost through regular updates. Additionally, you can request a stream to ensure everything is done as promised;
  • The account will be returned to you once the boost is complete.

Best D2 Catalyst Weapons Available

Our D2 services will let you wield the best upgraded Catalyst weapons in the game. Catalyst completion can turn an otherwise average gun into an unstoppable instrument of death. Many Exotic weapons are already impressive, but they can get even more so. Upgrades can enhance their strengths or remove weaknesses like recoil. Any D2 mode, whether PvE or PvP, can be dominated with the right weapons. The purpose of a Catalyst boost is to deliver those weapons to you without undue exertion, letting you concentrate on the parts of D2 you like most.

Here are the main Catalyst weapons services we can offer in D2:

  • The Witherhoard Catalyst boost improves the deadly launcher’s handling and adds automatic reloading;
  • The Jade Rabbit Catalyst boost increases the scout rifle’s stability (and saves you from having to farm the Crucible to complete the challenge);
  • The Dead Man’s Tale Catalyst boost raises your accuracy and firing rate when shooting from the hip, making this rifle still more versatile;
  • The Ticuu’s Divination Catalyst boost can increase damage or refresh the duration of the arrows fired from this bow, depending on whether the Sacred Flame effect is set off;
  • The No Time to Explain Catalyst boost increases the frequency of extra projectiles shooting from the weapon’s associated temporal portals;
  • The Duality Catalyst boost augments the shotgun’s range and magazine size, making it a much more flexible weapon;
  • The Cryosthesia 77K Catalyst boost (currently found in the category for the latest D2 season) lets the icy sidearm reload on its own whenever you shatter a frozen target.

But you can also request more, and we shall see what we can do. More weapons are added or returned to D2 on a regular basis. That includes Exotic weapons and their Catalyst upgrades. Others might not be popular enough to merit a catalog page yet, but that does not mean we can’t help you get it. As you can only wield one Catalyst weapon at a time, you will need more weapons to complement it or cover for its weaknesses. You will need to look no further than our cheap and high-quality D2 weapon boosts.