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Exotic Weapons Boost

Exotic weapon boosts make it possible for you to obtain any Exotic weapon in D2 without spending more effort than you want on this time-consuming task. When ordering any of those boosts from CakeBoost, you can ask for the completion of the entire Exotic weapon quest or any particular stage in the quest. You can also select options such as assisted selfplay or higher-level quest completion for bonus rewards. Our professional boosters will complete every task thoroughly and efficiently, giving you some of the most striking and deadly weapons in the game.

Why Should You Buy Exotic Weapons Boost D2 from CakeBoost?

The race for better weapons is a key part of D2. Weapons play a decisive role in determining your Guardian’s Power Level, providing access to many parts of the content. Perhaps no less importantly, their perks and stats can make an enormous difference to the player experience. Exotic weapons are a prime example. On top of their superior stats, they also have many rare or fully unique perks. By granting their wielders special powers or unusual stat advantages, those perks can enable completely different tactics. That makes Exotic weapons invaluable for players who wish to make their own way in the game.

Naturally, such powerful and distinctive items can be hard to get. Many of them could only be obtained by completing high-level activities, such as specific raids or Nightfall: the Ordeal strikes. Others may be randomly decrypted from Exotic Engrams received from different sources. A few may be purchased in exchange for rare currencies from a vendor.  What all those methods have in common is luck. The only way to ensure you will get the Exotic weapons you want is to keep trying until you strike gold. The main exception is Exotic quest rewards, but those are acquired by completing highly elaborate and time-consuming tasks.

That is where boosting services can come in handy. If you buy Exotic Weapons Boost, a professional player will acquire the desired Exotic weapons for you. Any or all steps needed to obtain it can be completed without you having to do anything. Due to their knowledge and experience, boosters can complete quests much faster than most players. That way, you can secure guaranteed early access to even the rarest Exotic weapons. As for other Exotic sources, boosters will farm those in a focused manner. Sooner or later, you will receive the weapon you ordered and any extra loot that drops along the way. You can save yourself a lot of time and energy while ensuring the desired result.

While you can order Exotic weapons boosts from several companies, CakeBoost will surely be your best choice. We offer you the best odds of receiving the boost you want at the lowest possible cost. Our company commands the following advantages:

  1. High-quality order execution. All our players are vetted professionals with their own fields of specialization. As a result, we can assign the most suitable player to every Exotic weapons order. They will complete any relevant activity or quest with maximum efficiency while refraining from the use of bots, cheats, or any other problematic methods;
  2. World-class customer support that works for your convenience. Members of our support team can be reached at any time through the communication channels of your choice. They will consult you on your carry and even help you decide which Exotic weapons to get;
  3. Reasonable prices that are among the lowest on the market. We try to ensure that all our services are as cheap as possible without compromising our standards of service. Many of our Exotic boosts are modular, so you can choose just the services you need and avoid having to pay for the rest. We also offer returning customer discounts and bundle deals for multiple Exotic weapons.

How Do Our Exotic Weapons Boost Work?

The process of getting an Exotic Weapon Carry D2 is simple and straightforward:

  • Find the service you want in our shop;
  • Make sure that you meet the requirements and select the options you want;
  • Press “buy” to add the order to your shopping cart;
  • Confirm the order and select your preferred payment and contact methods;
  • Our support team will reach out to you to work out any remaining details like the schedule;
  • Booster will then take over your account and complete all necessary tasks to secure the Exotic weapons you ordered.

You will be able to follow your order’s progress through regular updates on your preferred channel. Optionally, you can also request a stream. That way, you will know that everything is being done exactly as promised. The service will run for as long as necessary to secure the requested Exotic weapons. Since many of those items have random drop rates, it can be difficult to predict precisely how long that will take. However, the support team will give you as much information as possible. You can order several items at once, which will save you some waiting time if they can drop from the same activities.

Best Unique Weapons for Purchase

There are currently over 80 Exotic weapons in D2. That number will no doubt keep growing, as more content is added all the time. Even the Exotic weapons that were once obtained from sources that are no longer in the game can still be bought from the Monument to Lost Lights kiosk. Each of those Exotic weapons strongly suggests a very different play style. You can only equip one of them at a time, which only underscores their decisive tactical role. As such, it is best to do your own research before you decide which weapons to buy. What works great for one player may not be so good for another.

Nevertheless, there is a widespread consensus on the best Exotic weapons you can get in D2 as of this season:

  • The Lament, a chainsaw sword capable of quickly cutting through any and all resistance;
  • Anarchy, a grenade launcher that turns the battlefield into a deadly electrical trap;
  • Dead Man’s Tale, a classic scout rifle that might be the most efficient long-range weapon for PvP;
  • Divinity, a trace rifle that weakens and disrupts the victims of its sustained fire;
  • Xenophage, a highly destructive machine gun that fires explosive rounds;
  • Witherhoard, another deadly launcher that poisons the environment, making it a preferred instrument for the toughest PvE fights;
  • Eriana’s Vow, a hand cannon that will rapidly shred shields and health alike;
  • Bastion, a fusion rifle whose shots ignore elemental shields and pack a powerful kick at an extended range;
  • No Time to Explain is a tricky and lethal pulse rifle that increases your firepower through temporal portals.

As you can see, all of those Exotic weapons appear in our catalog. So do many others. You can buy them here cheaply and never worry about their tedious and complicated unlock conditions. If you are willing to spend some money, you will be free to experiment with a dazzling variety of combat options and play styles. Additionally, you should check out our full D2 weapons boost catalog. There, you can pick the best Legendary weapons to wield alongside your current Exotic weapon or search for the Catalyst that will bring out its full power.