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D2 Coaching

D2 is a very rich game with a dazzling variety of weapons, powers, and mechanics. Although that makes it popular, it can also prove overwhelming for many players. That is why a lot of people are looking for sherpa or coach services to help them get better at D2. A sherpa is an experienced player that can guide clients through specific content, like a raid. Coaching involves more general training aimed at mastery of some aspect of gameplay. Either type of service can be very useful for newcomers and those wishing to raise their skills to another level alike.


  • A selected number of playing hours with a professional coach;
  • All loot and rewards you receive during the process.


  • Flexible


  • D2 account

About D2 Coaching Offer

CakeBoost offers D2 coaching services of every type, from sherpa raid boosts to PvP exercises. Every detail is up to the buyer, from the number of hours to the choice of topics. By playing with a coach or sherpa, our client will have the opportunity to practice, learn by example, and ask questions. Their reward will be much swifter progress as gamers than anything offered by self-learning or following guides.

What Can I Get With D2 Coaching Service?

Depending on their needs, our coaching and sherpa D2 users can get any of the following:

  • Coaching sessions that last for up to five hours at player discretion or sherpa boosts that continue until the requested raid or other activity is concluded;
  • The attainment of customer-specified goals in any sherpa PvE or PvP activity: raid completion, finding secrets, reaching a rank;
  • PvE coaching in any activity or location, both achieving goals and preparing the customer to take on the latest raid;
  • PvP coaching in any type of PvP activity from unranked Crucible to Trials of Osiris, sharpening skills while competing alongside pro players;
  • Theoretical teaching and live practice connected to any aspect of the game including movement, shooting, and power use;
  • Consultations regarding load-outs builds, and tactics for any class or activity;
  • Answers to any questions about the shooter’s gameplay, maps, and more;
  • Any loot or other rewards acquired during the sherpa run or coaching session!

Why Should You Choose Cakeboost?

Players who approach D2 looking for a sherpa might find many offers, but not all of those sherpa services are equal in quality. Individual services are always a gamble for the buyers. Sometimes an amateur sherpa could be genuinely trustworthy and talented, but all too often they turn out to be scammers or incapable of finishing the ordered raid themselves. As a result, those looking for reliable help usually turn to boost companies that can vouch for each sherpa they provide. Yet, not every sherpa website is equally dependable either. We are confident that CakeBoost is the best coaching and sherpa service provider around for these reasons:

  • Long experience. We started selling piloted boost, sherpa, and coaching services for various titles back in 2015. The know-how we acquired since then allowed us to improve every aspect of our operations, making the customer experience as smooth as possible. Additionally, we have acquired a reputation that buyers can trust;
  • Versatile approach. Our coaching and sherpa services are tailored to customer needs. The choice of topics and activities is entirely up to our clients and we always try to accommodate them. To ensure maximum accessibility and convenience, we offer services in both USA and EU regions and support all available platforms, including PC, Xbox, PS4, and PS5;
  • Professional sherpa and coaching services. We make sure to employ the finest gaming professionals, vetting them to ensure capability, honesty, and a good attitude. There are no scammers or tryhards among our experts. Our talent pool is varied in terms of specialization, allowing us to select the best professional for any given coaching or sherpa task. The raid specialist will help out in the raid run, while the PvP champion will prepare players for the Crucible, delivering the best results;
  • Helpful customer support. Our support team may be contacted at any time for consultations regarding any sherpa, coaching, or other services in CakeBoost’s store. They will also answer questions about orders that have already been placed. Any issues they cannot resolve shall be immediately passed on to others in the company. The support team may be reached over multiple platforms, including e-mail, live chat, and a number of messaging services used for ongoing orders such as Discord;
  • Responsible security practices. We never ask for any unnecessary information and are careful with all the details our customers do provide. Cutting-edge HTTPS encryption keeps all data we receive safe. Since sherpa and coaching services are non-piloted, the client account is not under any risk even hypothetically. Our coaches never use cheats or third-party services of any kind, so there will be no indirect complications either;
  • Reasonable prices. The best coaching or sherpa assistance is seldom free, but we make it as cheap as possible. It is important to us that each player we employ is well-paid for their expertise and effort. That is the surest way of maintaining our standard of quality. Even with that consideration in mind, our prices are quite competitive. Buyers can also take advantage of sale discounts and, if they register, repeat customer bonuses.

How Does D2 Coaching Work?

Anyone interested in purchasing D2 coaching or sherpa services from us should follow the instructions:

  • Find the desired product page on our sherpa website. If help with specific advanced content is needed, it may be something like a raid boost with a sherpa option rather than coaching;
  • Make sure the character to be boosted meets the requirements, if any. Also, make sure they meet requirements for the intended content, such as a Season Pass for exclusive activities;
  • Select options, such as the sherpa option in a raid or the hours for coaching, then click the buy button;
  • Proceed to the buyer’s cart to confirm the order;
  • Choose a messaging service to be used for communications regarding this service;
  • Pay via Stripe, Unitpay, Paymentwall, Coinbase, or Fondy;
  • A support specialist should get in touch quickly. Once they do, discuss any remaining details such as the schedule and the topics to be covered;
  • Show up on time to play with the assigned coach or sherpa;
  • Please leave us feedback on TrustPilot to let us keep improving our services!
D2 Coaching
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