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The Glaive Boost

10% OFF

The Glaive is a new type of weapon introduced to D2 in the Witch Queen expansion. Unlike all other weapons in the game, the Glaive is capable of both melee and ranged attacks and special powers. Additionally, each Glaive must first be crafted rather than acquired as loot. Weapon crafting is a rather elaborate mechanic that has likewise been added in the Witch Queen expansion. It involves bringing together a Pattern and materials. You can use a boost to avoid having to track down everything needed to craft a Glaive yourself. Buy the Glaive boost from CakeBoost, and any Glaive you choose will be yours without any delays, allowing you to try out this spectacular new weapon straight away.


  • Edge of Action / Edge of Concurrence / Edge of Intent Exotic Glaive obtained
  • Glaive questline completed
  • Season Pass exp
  • Artifact levels
  • All items and resources received during the boost


  • Up to 1 week


  • The Witch Queen DLC

The Glaive Boost Carry Service: How Does It Work?

Those who decide to purchase the Glaive boost carry service from CakeBoost can simply follow this instruction:

  • Check whether you meet the requirements for the Glaive boost. If you do not, our support team may be able to advise you on how to correct that;
  • Select the Glaive boost options you want, such as the specific Glaive or Glaives you wish to acquire, and then click the “buy” button;
  • Proceed to the shopping cart to confirm the Glaive boost order;
  • Choose a chat program that will be used as a dedicated communications channel for this order;
  • Pay for the service using Stripe, Unitpay, Paymentwall, Coinbase, or Fondy;
  • Wait for the support team to contact you. When they do, work out any remaining boost details, such as the desired Glaive boost schedule or special requests;
  • At the agreed-upon time, permit CakeBoost’s booster to log in as one of your Guardians from your account;
  • Follow the Glaive boost’s progress through progress reports in your chosen communications channel or the optional free stream;
  • Please write a review of your Glaive boost on TrustPilot. We want to know more about our customers’ experiences and opinions. Feedback would help us improve our services going forward.

Why Should You Buy The Glaive Boost From Us?

While most weapons in D2 can be acquired as random drops, getting a Glaive is more complicated than that. The Glaive crafting process requires you to pick up a Pattern and collect the materials needed to produce it. Acquiring the materials is especially likely to involve a considerable amount of busy work. You may need to travel to different destinations and farm local content until you finally have everything necessary. Because of that, completing the Glaive can take a lot of time and effort, which can be especially annoying given how fascinating and widely advertised this weapon is. Doubtless, many players would want to try out the Glaive in action as soon as possible.

Fortunately, there is a way for a player to acquire the Glaive early, without any unnecessary effort or delays. Simply get a boost and let professional boosters do the hard work of creating a Glaive for you. Naturally, this solution will save you a lot of time and trouble, as you will not have to run around collecting the materials for crafting. Even better, it should result in you receiving the desired Glaive much quicker. An experienced booster would be able to use optimal methods to complete each relevant task and acquire every material much faster. Also, a professional would be able to work on the task full-time, without the distractions that would otherwise delay you.

It is possible to purchase the Glaive boost from an assortment of boosting companies. However, CakeBoost is the finest choice among them due to our long-term commitment to trustworthiness and excellent service. We started helping people out with various multiplayer titles back in 2015. Since then, our services expanded and evolved. Years of experience have allowed us to refine every aspect of the service to be more user-friendly and effective, as attested by our overwhelmingly positive TrustPilot reviews. Our booster roster had undergone a major expansion, increasing our versatility. Those who would buy the Glaive boost from us can count on the following major advantages:

  • Assured security. We work hard to ensure our clients’ anonymity and account safety. When you buy the Glaive boost from us, you would only need to provide the bare minimum of information needed to access your account. This information will be provided to the booster who will pilot your Guardian and no one else. The boost will be completed by hand, without resorting to third-party services that create the risk of a ban or other complications. Boosting and related topics will be kept out of communications during the boost. Confidentiality is assured by HTTPS encryption and a VPN set to the client account;
  • Dedicated customer service. To ensure client satisfaction, we maintain a professional customer support team that may be contacted at any time over multiple communication channels. Before you place the order, you are most likely to interact with them by e-mail or site chat. Afterward, those options would be joined by a chat program of your choice. Whichever method you choose, the team will do their best to answer all your questions. In addition to providing information about the Glaive boost, they could consult you on any of our other offerings. Any inquiries that cannot be addressed properly by the support team will be quickly readdressed to others in CakeBoost;
  • Fair prices. CakeBoost’s pricing policy is aimed at providing affordable boosting services for ordinary gamers while sustaining a high level of quality in execution. The Glaive boost is priced according to its difficulty and the amount of time that would be required to complete it, as well as the demand that it attracts. This price is at the very least competitive when compared with similar offerings from rival companies. You could drive down your costs further with the help of our regular customer bonuses or special offers;
  • Superb execution. We employ truly professional boosters who must first undergo a rigorous vetting process. In addition to their general gamer skills, we seek ethical players that we can recommend without a second thought. Furthermore, we pay attention to booster specialization, so we could assign the most suitable employees to each order. The Glaive boost, for example, is done by specialists who excel at farming and know all the tricks that come with efficiently acquiring various currencies. Thanks to our approach, we can ensure a smooth and speedy boost conclusion.

What You Will Get?

The Glaive is a truly exceptional weapon in D2, set apart from others due to its versatility. As a polearm, it naturally has a melee attack. In contrast to other melee weapons, however, the Glaive is wielded in first-person mode. That makes wielding it a truly unique experience. It doubles as a ranged weapon that fires energy projectiles comparable to shotgun pellets. Multiple Glaive variants build on this foundation. Enigma, the Legendary Glaive, adds a shield. Every Guardian Class has its own Exotic Glaive version too, each graced with a different unique power. Titans also receive shielding, whereas Warlocks can deploy a healing turret and Hunter's launch chain lightning.

The Glaive boost can let you acquire one or all of the available Glaive variants for your account. That is done by means of a piloted boost, in which a booster takes over your account and plays your Guardian or Guardians. The boost then progresses to involve acquiring everything necessary to craft the Glaive. Our boost expert will use optimal methods to swiftly secure the Pattern, collect the required crafting materials, and then put them to their intended use. Note that you are likely to retain some leftover materials after crafting in your inventory after the boost. You are also likely to end up with other gear acquired in the boost process, putting you on better footing for the arms race.

Naturally, the Glaive boost will bring with it other side effects, some of which may prove benign and profitable. While collecting all the pieces for the Glaive, our boost specialist is likely to earn a lot of XP. That will count towards leveling up both the latest Season Pass and the Seasonal Artifact. You can also acquire numerous currencies and other resources that are not directly relevant to Glaive crafting, such as Glimmer. One can never have too much of this universal currency, since it is used for just about any transaction in the shooter. Finally, depending on the boost method used, this service may help the player progress toward the completion of some challenges, Triumphs and Seals.

The Glaive Boost
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Titan: Edge of Action
Hunter: Edge of Concurrence
Warlock: Edge of Intent

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