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The Witch Queen Campaign

Buy the Witch Queen campaign carry to enter the endgame with a head start and without unwanted effort on your part. Boosting professionals can play through either version of the campaign with utmost efficiency, delivering all unlocks and prizes.


  • The Witch Queen Campaign completed
  • Weapon Craft unlock
  • Throne activities unlocked
  • Season Pass exp
  • Artifact Levels


  • One Day Completion


  • 1360+ Power Level
  • The Witch Queen DLC
  • New Light Campaign completed

The Witch Queen Campaign Carry Service: How Does  It Work

If you wish to purchase a Witch Queen campaign carry service from CakeBoost, just follow the steps:

  • Check the Witch Queen campaign carry requirements to make sure you can meet them. If not, you can consult with our support staff. Some of CakeBoost’s other services may help you prepare for the Witch Queen campaign quickly;
  • Choose your preferred version of the Witch Queen campaign and any other desired options for this carry, then click the “buy” button;
  • Proceed to the shopping cart to confirm your Witch Queen campaign boost order;
  • Decide which messaging program to use for communications connected to the Witch Queen campaign carry;
  • Pay for the order using Stripe, Unitpay, Paymentwall, Coinbase, or Fondy;
  • CakeBoost’s support team should contact you shortly to work out the remaining relevant details, such as the ideal boost schedule and any special requests for your Witch Queen campaign boost;
  • Permit our booster to log in to your account at a prearranged time and pilot one of your Guardians in this boost;
  • Follow the Witch Queen campaign boost through our regular progress updates and/or an optional free stream;
  • Don’t forget to write a review on Trustpilot about your boosting experience! The opinion of our clients is very important to us, and we always pay attention to it when improving our services.

Buy The Witch Queen Campaign

D2’s Witch Queen expansion brings with it an exciting new campaign. In addition to continuing the sci-fi shooter’s epic storyline, the campaign grants access to a wide array of activities and loot. This campaign may also be experienced through an extra challenging and lucrative Legendary mode, which lets players reach the raised power cap fast. Those who cannot summon the time or the energy for the campaign can use a boost to catch up instead.

In addition to the Witch Queen campaign boost, CakeBoost provides many other D2 boosting services.

Why Should You Buy The Witch Queen Campaign From Us?

The Witch Queen campaign is an ambitious addition to the shooter. Though not exceptionally long, the basic version of the Witch Queen campaign is still a fully-fledged storyline with challenging and involved missions. Its Legendary variant raises the ante by throwing in larger numbers of enemies and turning some basic foes into bosses. It is meant to be a challenge on par with higher-difficulty Nightfall: the Ordeal sessions. Playing through the missions on either difficulty is necessary to gain access to all the latest endgame features, and the Legendary campaign is highly recommended for gearing. Yet not every player will have the time or the patience to finish either version quickly.

Players who get a boost for the Witch Queen campaign could collect all of its rewards without doing any of the busywork. Instead, a booster would take over a boost client’s account and play through the story quests for them, as swiftly as possible and without frustrating setbacks. From the player’s perspective, all the new Witch Queen content and activities that are gated away behind the campaign would be rendered accessible from the start. Likewise, they would receive a full set of gear suitable for taking on the freshly-unlocked content. If they are interested in the story or want to experience the encounters for themselves, they could simply replay the storyline missions later.

Multiple in-game service companies offer boosting services for the Witch Queen campaign. Nonetheless, we are confident that CakeBoost’s Witch Queen campaign boost is the best such service available. Our company has been active in the boosting sphere since 2015. In that time, we have acquired a reputation for reliability, winning over thousands of clients and expanding our roster of boosters. We have also accumulated invaluable experience and feedback, allowing us to refine every aspect of our offerings. Here are the main advantages that we can offer our current and prospective customers:

  • We are deeply concerned with the safety of our clients’ accounts and identities, relying on time-tested best practices and cutting-edge technology to protect them. When you order a Witch Queen campaign boost, you will only have to provide the information necessary for our booster to access your account. No one else will ever have access to those details. Our boosters are instructed to handle client accounts responsibly, never mentioning boosting in chat or using third-party services. Your confidentiality should be kept safe by the combination of the latest in HTTPS encryption and a VPN set to your location;
  • Customer satisfaction is another key concern for us, and we ensure it by maintaining a professional customer support team. Our specialists are available on a 24/7 basis over several channels. You could reach them by e-mail, website chat, or a dedicated communications platform of your choice. They will consult you regarding the Witch Queen campaign boost or any other carry you might like to order. Any questions will be answered promptly or, if necessary, readdressed to boosters or superiors;
  • We seek to strike a balance between the goals of keeping the service financially sustainable and accessible to the majority of gamers. The prices we set reflect the difficulty of the Witch Queen campaign boost, but they are entirely competitive with those of rival companies. Due to the modular design of our carries, you could select just the services you need and thus avoid paying extra. Also, you could save money by making use of repeat customer bonuses or frequent special deals on our website;
  • Our employees all undergo a thorough vetting process. We take responsibility for their actions and can vouch for them being both competent and trustworthy. Practically every employee has a personal specialization in a particular sort of activity. Thanks to the depth of our talent pool, we can assign the right booster for every job. In the case of the Witch Queen campaign boost, that means giving the task to professional PvE boosters who can complete each quest with the utmost efficiency and speed. We also recognize that the Legendary version requires higher-skilled boosters.

What You Will Get?

You can buy a carry for either version of the Witch Queen campaign. In either case, our booster will play from your account to ensure the fastest and smoothest possible completion. They will play through all quests and collect all available loot for you to use as you see fit. Your spoils should include an assortment of gear, some of which will be specific to the Witch Queen campaign or the latest destination. The Legendary campaign should raise your overall Power Level to 1520 with a full set of gear. That will include brand-new Exotic Armor pieces that could otherwise be acquired from the Lost Sectors. You will also obtain currencies and materials, including Upgrade Modules and Glimmer.

As important as gearing up is, the main reason to get a Witch Queen campaign boost is likely to be the features that are gated behind it. In either version, players can count on the full unlocking of such content after the opening story has been concluded. You will gain access to a new destination, the Throne World of Savathun, and all the missions, Lost Sectors, and other content that will become available there in the wake of the campaign. Likewise, you will be able to start playing in several endgame activities required to earn the latest and deadliest gear. One of the most anticipated Witch Queen innovations, the Aspect and Fragment system for Void subclasses, shall be unlocked as well.

Either version of the Witch Queen campaign will help progress toward the completion of certain challenges, Triumphs and Seals. That said, the harder version has some unique and prestigious honors associated with it. In particular, the Triumph for the newest destination requires playing through a Legendary Witch Queen campaign. The varied content of the quests will provide opportunities for progress toward general objectives, including weapon unlocks and challenges. Last but not least, the XP gains (doubled in the Legendary version) will let you improve your Seasonal Artifact and reach new tiers in the Season Pass. Together with the loot, that should help you get ready for the Witch Queen raid.

The Witch Queen Campaign
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Legendary Campaign

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