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RoN: Dream Warrior Title Boost

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The Root of Nightmares seal is the ultimate prize for excellence in D2’s new Root of Nightmares raid. It is sometimes referred to as the Dream Warrior seal because it grants that title for public display. Acquiring this distinction calls for achieving every Root of Nightmares triumph by finishing tough challenges in the instance. That can be a lengthy, frustrating grind. Buying CakeBoost’s Root of Nightmares seal boost will let you relax while we wrap up this pursuit.


  • Root of Nightmares seal;
  • Dream Warrior Title;
  • Bonuses connected to individual triumphs, including an improved Exotic weapon drop rate and cosmetics;
  • Multiple Master RoN runs completed;
  • Benefits from each RoN raid run, including Pinnacle weapon drops, armor pieces, cosmetics, currencies, and Artifact and Battle Pass progression;
  • Chance to receive the Exotic weapon.

Above, we assume that you will order a full RoN seal carry. It is also possible to purchase a boost for any individual Root of Nightmares triumph. A partial boost is cheaper and faster, though it also delivers fewer rewards. It will not give the seal unless you already earned the other triumphs. Speak with our staff if you have any additional requests, such as a guaranteed Conditional Finality Exotic weapon.


Boost speed depends on selected options. The entire Dream Warrior seal boost could be wrapped up within four to six weeks.


  • Lightfall expansion ownership;
  • A guardian with 1820 Power Level or higher (necessary for Master's difficulty). If necessary, we can provide a powerleveling carry before this boost.

How to Obtain Dream Warrior Title

To earn each Root of Nightmares triumph and round out the seal, you must complete all tasks listed below:

  • Acquire every trophy in the instance;
  • Play through the Master version of the instance;
  • Beat all bossfights with a single-clan group;
  • Beat all bossfights with a single-class group;
  • Beat all bossfights with single-element groups of Guardians devoted to each element except Stasis;
  • Collect items from all secret containers;
  • Acquire the instance lore book;
  • Beat every instance encounter challenge while playing at Master difficulty;
  • In the starting bossfight, kill each Psion inside a second of each other;
  • In the next bossfight, link up all nodes before killing protected opponents;
  • In the penultimate bossfight, win without any Guardian benefitting from the buff more than once per phase;
  • In the ending bossfight, turn on all nodes in a five-second interval before the victory.

As you can see, some of the tasks are relatively simple. Others are true challenges and require multiple clears with a dedicated, versatile group. Beating them yourself will cost a lot of playtime and effort. Our boosters know the instance inside out and can wrap it up with maximum efficiency and speed.

RoN: Dream Warrior Title Boost
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