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Root Of Nightmares Boost

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Root of Nightmares is the brand-new raid added to D2 as part of Lightfall. It consists of four challenging boss fights and several tricky puzzles. Navigating those dangers is necessary to claim a variety of fantastic exclusive rewards. Buy CakeBoost’s Root of Nightmares carry services to get everything you want from this instance with minimal difficulties.


  • Complete Root of Nightmares clear;
  • Random Legendary Root of Nightmares weapons and/or armor pieces from each encounter;
  • Chance to get the Conditional Finality Exotic Shotgun;
  • Pinnacle drops once each week;
  • Deepsight Resonance drop and additional loot from completing puzzles once a week;
  • Chance to get exclusive cosmetics;
  • Further rewards earned during the boost, including currencies and Season Pass progress.

We offer Root of Nightmares services in piloted and selfplayed formats. The former means our booster will access your account to control the Guardian, completing the run without you needing to do anything. In the latter case, you will participate in this activity normally. However, we will provide a professional fireteam to ensure success. Opting in for puzzle completion and/or higher-difficulty runs will result in superior loot. Once the weekly challenge rotation has been implemented, even more rewards will become available.


We will complete the carry within a day. If a large number of services have been queued, the start may be delayed.


  • Lightfall expansion ownership;
  • Lightfall campaign completion;
  • Guardian with a Power Level depending on options chosen (minimum 1770);
  • (Optionally) Cross save enabled if playing on consoles. That may allow us to start working on your order sooner.

Our staff will consult you on the necessary Power Level given the selected options. If no Guardians meet this requirement, we can arrange a Light Level boost.

What Is the Root of Nightmares?

The Root of Nightmares is the starting raid of the Lightfall expansion. It takes place inside a damaged Pyramid ship overgrown with strange flora. Six Guardians must fight their way through Tormentor and Shadow Legion Cabal forces before confronting the source of nightmares plaguing Neptune’s citizens. The instance has been criticized for being too easy, but others vouch for its fine balance. In addition to bossfights and waves of enemies, it contains numerous complicated puzzles and platform sections. Successful raiders can obtain assorted exclusive weaponry and armor sets.

Reasons to Buy Root of Nightmares Boost

Buying a Root of Nightmares raid carry from CakeBoost offers numerous benefits:

  • No need to assemble and manage a six-player party. We have reliable expert boosters ready to go;
  • Guaranteed success due to boosters’ knowledge of the instance and general expertise. That extends to finding secrets and defeating complex challenges;
  • Freedom to choose your level of involvement. You can leave this activity to us or fight alongside our crew. The former method lets you outsource grinding, while the latter allows you to enjoy this fascinating scenario with minimal frustrations;
  • Peace of mind thanks to our thorough security. We use HTTPS encryption to shield client data and VPNs during piloted Raid of Nightmares boosting to minimize penalty risks;
  • Profit from our loyalty program. Every boost brings CakeCoins, which may be spent on future runs or other pursuits.
Root Of Nightmares Boost
Quantity: 1
Service Customization
Selfplay + Coaching
Additional Options
All secret chests
Weekly puzzle chest
Guaranteed Conditional Finality


Is the Root of Nightmares raid boost worth it?

Yes. If you can’t or won’t run it yourself, it will allow you to claim some of the finest loot in the shooter. If you do want to run it, playing with professionals will guarantee a smooth and painless clear.

Is the Root of Nightmares raid difficult?

It is considered easy compared to other instances of this type. Nevertheless, it includes several tricky puzzles and complex bossfights that could overwhelm an unprepared group.

How do I get the Root of Nightmares chest?

You can loot three extra chests in this instance. The Deepsight Resonance chest will appear after the final boss if conditions are met. To get it, you must first shoot white or black orbs in three hidden rooms throughout this run:

  • Commit to memory the white or black orbs on the plant left of the entrance. They are different in each run and correspond to orbs you must shoot. Their order on the plant is left to right;
  • Before the entrance to the first encounter, go right and downstairs to find the first room;
  • During the second traversal puzzle, turn left before the launcher and jump to the building below, then go in through the door to reach the second orb;
  • On the way to the final fight, look down and to the right when near the brightly-colored plant. The last orb is through a door on the platform below.

There are also two secret containers with extra Legendary loot. One is in a chamber connected to the entrances in the wall before the second boss. The other is behind the closest door after the second traversal puzzle.

What is the Root of Nightmares' last boss?

The last enemy encountered in this instance is Nezarec, an ancient Tormentor wielding both Light and Darkness abilities.

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