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Spire of the Watcher Armor Set

New Offer

TM-Cogburn Suit Boost will help you obtain the new armor set added with the Spire of the Watcher dungeon. Its stylish cowboy aesthetic has ensured its position among the shooter’s most popular collections. Higher stats and other mechanical advantages make its Artifice variant even more appealing. Yet not everyone has sufficient playtime or patience to farm this instance for random pieces. Buy CakeBoost’s Spire of the Watcher armor set, and we will retrieve all chosen items promptly!


  • Full Spire of the Watcher armor set or individual pieces;
  • SotW cleared as many times as needed;
  • Other unique SotW loot, including weekly Pinnacle drops, other Legendary weapons, and cosmetics;
  • Possible Hierarchy of Needs drop;
  • Various currencies;
  • Seasonal Artifact and Battle Pass progress.

You can decide between several options. By default, we will collect the entire set ourselves at the regular difficulty to ensure fast delivery. Instead of paying for the whole carry, you could request cheap services for individual pieces. We can also farm Master difficulty runs to obtain Artifice items. Those pieces benefit from an extra slot for stat-boosting mods. Finally, we can provide both selfplayed and piloted services.


Due to this service involving random rolls, we cannot provide an exact estimate for its completion speed. We will start working on your order within one day and repeat runs every week. Collecting a full set for any class will probably require three or four weeks.


  • Access to the instance via Witch Queen Deluxe or Eververse Key;
  • Minimum 1600 (regular dungeon) or 1820 (Master dungeon) Power Level. We can arrange a powerleveling boost for your character if necessary;
  • Cross save enabled if playing on consoles. While optional, this could speed up your service.

About Spire of the Watcher Armor Boost Service

Finding superior equipment for characters to wear is crucial to advancing in this game. Items from newer or recently-updated sources offer superior stats, which seriously affect performance in combat. Unique pieces also have appealing aesthetics that could be transferred with transmogrification. However, acquiring such valuable loot from cutting-edge instances is difficult. It calls for repeatedly overcoming tough encounters, which could become both tedious and frustrating. That is where booster help comes in.

CakeBoost’s Spire of the Watcher armor carry may be done by having our booster play from your account. They would achieve fast progress by farming the instance at every opportunity and using optimal tactics. To minimize risks to client accounts, we hide our involvement behind VPNs and complete the order 100% manually. We also offer selfplayed or Sherpa services. With this method, you remain in control and fight with our assistance. Since there is no account-sharing, risks are reduced to zero.

Spire of the Watcher Armor Set
Quantity: 1
Service Customization
Master Dungeon Armor


How often can you farm armor in Spire of the Watcher?

The instance can be farmed weekly for all kinds of loot, including the cowboy-themed set. Until Season 21, it will drop maximum rewards once each week. Afterward, it will likely join the weekly rotation.

How do you get the Spire of the Watcher gear?

Clear the instance to receive random loot. The first two encounters can drop different pieces, while the final boss fight may yield any of them. Artifice gear comes from the Master dungeon.

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