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Destiny 2 Raid Boost

Raid boosts allow you to profit from Destiny 2’s raids without the usual frustrations of preparing, farming, or coordinating a fireteam. CakeBoost’s professional boosters can back you up in any or all of the game’s raids if you choose the selfplay option. Alternatively, you can trust them to complete raids on their own, fulfilling any specified challenge conditions and earning Season Pass experience, unique weapons and armor, and other rewards quickly and without any effort.

Destiny 2 Raid Boost

Why Should You Buy Destiny 2 Raid Boost from CakeBoost?

Raids are one of the most important parts of Destiny 2. Despite being a 3D sci-fi shooter, Destiny also follows in the footsteps of games like Diablo. That means overcoming increasingly difficult combat scenarios to earn superior loot. A raid is an especially challenging PvE activity. In it, six players must work together to complete an instance, facing unique bosses and special mechanics. Successful raiders unlock some of the best items in the game, such as exclusive legendary and exotic weapons and armor pieces. Meeting certain conditions, such as completing a weekly challenge, may provide further rewards.

While such prizes may sound tempting, Destiny raids pose many difficulties:

  1. You will need to put together a full Fireteam. Do you know five capable players who can reliably play at the same time as you?
  2. Coordination is essential, especially for boss fights. Are your teamwork skills up to snuff?
  3. Although Destiny raids don’t have strict Power requirements, participants with lower Power Levels will struggle during encounters. Also, some raids or bosses clearly favor certain loadouts. Do you have the right tools for the job?
  4. All the raids come with distinctive mechanics that might seriously alter gameplay. Are you and your teammates familiar with them?
  5. Destiny raids require hours of playtime to complete. An experienced team may be able to finish a well-known raid in a couple of hours. At other times, though, they could take up to 17 hours. Do you have that kind of time?

How many of those questions did you answer affirmatively? All the above difficulties increase further if you want to find the right loot or fulfill a specific challenge. Even if you enjoy the raids, real life problems can prevent you from getting the most out of them. Various circumstances can prevent an otherwise solid team from coming together at any time. If you are after a certain reward connected to the raid, the repeated runs may soon become a chore.

Fortunately, all those problems can be addressed if you buy boost services. Our player can take your place and complete raids the desired number of times under your username with the help of other boosters. You can specify the parameters of this raid carry when you buy it. For example, you could request that they complete challenges or loot secret chests for you. You could also buy a selfplay boost, in which you retain control over your account during the carry. Our boosters will help you achieve all your carry goals. Buy Destiny 2 raid boost, and you will be free to engage with raids as little or as much as you would like.

If you shop around, you may find several companies that offer services like ours. However, CakeBoost’s boosting service offers several advantages that make us your ideal raid carry partners:

  • Elite boosters. We only employ the top player talents in our game boosting. They are guaranteed to not only secure your goals, but also do it legitimately. There will be no cheats, bots, or slip-ups that may compromise your account during or after the carry;
  • Low costs. Making each carry we offer cheap enough for the average player to be able to buy it is a key priority. Accordingly, our prices are some of the lowest on the market. We also offer package deals, discounts, and repeat customer bonuses that grow with every boost you buy;
  • Flexibility. You may choose the exact carry options you want when arranging your order. Avoid paying for things you don’t need, while ensuring that you get everything necessary of your Destiny 2 raid boost;
  • 24/7 customer support. Our support team is always available to help with your boost. They will consult you and answer your questions before you buy your carry and afterwards.

How Will Your Destiny Raid Carry Work?

If you want to buy Destiny 2 raid boost from CakeBoost, the process is simple:

  1. Find the raid boost you want on our website;
  2. Make sure that you meet the requirements for the raid carry. While no Destiny raid is currently gated behind a season pass, some require you to own or complete certain content. You can buy a carry to help meet any in-game prerequisites;
  3. Select the options you want for your boost and press “buy”;
  4. Confirm the order and any others you want to buy in your shopping cart;
  5. The support team will contact you to work out the schedule for your carry through either your email address or the chat program selected when you buy the carry;
  6. After you buy Destiny raid boost, you will get progress updates on your order. If you chose not to buy a selfplay carry, you may also ask for a stream of the carry at no extra cost. That way, we can show you that you are getting your money’s worth;
  7. The raid boost will complete, and you will be asked to leave a Trustpilot review. As with any product, the quality of our services depends heavily on your feedback. That is why we pay attention to all our carry reviews.

Choose Your Destiny Raid Boost

If you are ready to buy Destiny 2 raid boost from CakeBoost, we have a versatile selection for you to choose from:

  • The Garden of Salvation raid carry, including challenge, secret chest, Divinity weapon puzzle, and flawless run options you can set before you buy it;
  • Similar services for the Last Wish raid, but with the Divinity puzzle replaced by the corrupted egg challenge that yields an exotic Sparrow;
  • Several Deep Stone Crypt raid boosts. The standard suite includes challenge, chest, and Ghost and Sparrow unlock options. The Flawless run boost will advance the Survival of the Fittest Triumph. You can also ask for help defeating the final boss, Taniks;
  • Two versions of a 3 raid boost package that lets you buy all the above raids at a discount. One version only covers the raids. The other also features a Flawless Trials of Osiris boost for a consummate gearing experience;
  • A full array of services for the Vault of Glass raid, which you can currently buy in the Season of the Splicer category. It is the newest raid in the game, but also the first in the series;
  • A discounted 4 raid boost package, which includes all raids currently in Destiny 2;
  • God Roll farm boosts for any legendary weapons dropped in raids, which you can buy to improve your odds of getting the best versions.

Our Destiny raid boosting offerings cover all bases. You can adjust them to ensure you get what you need when you buy Destiny raid boost while still keeping it cheap. If you are missing any carry options you want, speak with customer support before you buy. Also, keep an eye on the news. Destiny 2 is regularly updated with new content, including raids. The latest raid will offer the finest rewards as well as special prizes for early completion. Finally, feel free to check our catalog for other boosts you might wish to buy. CakeBoost provides many carry services for Destiny, WoW, and several other popular titles, all with the same standard of excellence.