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Legendary Weapons Boost - Destiny 2

Legendary weapon boosts allow you to acquire the desired amount of Legendary weapon versions in Destiny 2. That would permit you to find your personal God Roll (an ideal combination of random perks) for each weapon without wasting any of your time on farming. CakeBoost’s services in this area also extend to securing your preferred weapon skins. Our professional boosters will farm your weapons as quickly and efficiently as possible, soon ensuring that you will have the guns you want.

Legendary Weapons Boost - Destiny 2

Buy Legendary Weapons Boost - Destiny 2

Legendary weapons are some of the strongest equipment in the game. While most of them lack the unique perks of Exotic weapons, their random roll system makes them more personal and varied. Each Legendary weapon is different every time it appears, drawing its perks from a large pool that may include some very rare and/or useful options indeed. The best random perk combinations can make Legendary weapons just as fun and powerful as any Exotic gun, if not more so. It’s not a fluke that some examples of “purple” gear have been just as competitive as “golden” Exotics in every area of the game.

Specific drops of the same Legendary item can vary wildly due to their random perks, which can completely change the feel and combat role of a weapon. Certain combinations can result in weapons that are perfectly tailored for specific parts of the game, such as the PvP God Rolls based on Opening Shot and Quickdraw or the Outlaw/Rampage rolls that dominate PvE. Some perks open up unique playstyles, like the elemental explosion-inducing Dragonfly or the Vorpal Weapon which easily brings down bosses and Super-wielding Guardians. Others improve specific weapon stats to make up for innate deficiencies, dramatically increasing a gun’s effective stability or range. Discovering the unique strengths of each combination during actual play is a big part of the fun.

Each of those mighty weapons has its own requirements that must be met before you can receive your own drop. While some of them may be decrypted from the Legendary Engrams that you may earn in different parts of the game, this method of acquisition is entirely dependent on luck. While certain Legendary weapons may be purchased from specialized vendors, they tend to come at a steep price in multiple currencies. Other Legendary gear only appears as potential rewards for completing certain activities, such as quests, strikes, or Crucible matches.

All those approaches have one thing in common: they rely heavily on farming, whether for the actual weapons or the resources needed to unlock them. This process can be very stressful and time-consuming, especially when you have your heart set on a specific weapon that you just can’t seem to get. CakeBoost can get you the Legendary weapon of your dreams quickly and conveniently. Just reach out to us, and our pro-boosters will do everything necessary to acquire the desired weapon, freeing you to enjoy the game with extra firepower.