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3 Raid Package Boost - Destiny 2

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3 Raid Package Boost - Destiny 2
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Buy 3 Raid Package Boost - Destiny 2 

Raids in Destiny represent one of the main PvE activities, to participate in which you need a five-player team, and to get results you will also have to first acquire high-quality weapons and armor. Each raid consists of several bosses that have various mechanics that are exclusive for both the raid and boss. Each raid can take up a lot of time even from an experienced player, and you also need to be aware of all the specifics and complications that are tied to the raid. If you want to cut down the time needed for clears of 3 raids (Last Wish, Garden of Salvation and Deep Stone Crypt), you might want to consider buying All 3 Raid Package Boost Carry Service by CakeBoost.

You will get:

  • Last Wish clear
  • Garden of Salvation clear
  • Deep Stone Crypt clear
  • Chance to obtain "Eyes of Tomorrow" and "One Thousand Voices"
  • All loot received during the service execution

ETA: 1 day

All three of these raids are rather unique. During the completion of Last Wish players need to dive into the Dreaming City with the aim of slaying the beast, an Ahamkara, at the end of this journey.  The Garden of Salvation is set in the picturesque Black Garden on Mars, the raid ends with a lengthy encounter with Sanctified Mind. The Deep Stone Crypt might not be as impressive in setting as it takes place on Europa but it represents the original source of all Exos. All of these raids become a very challenging experience, requiring multiple weeks to prepare for, so those who are looking to raid should begin the process of grinding Powerful Engrams in order to level up. All of that is necessary as well as the knowledge of all specifics regarding each boss to be able to finish each raid successfully.

Buy All 3 Raid Package Boost Carry Service by CakeBoost. Due to the professionalism and extensive experience of our Boosters, you are in a position to receive what you want as quickly as possible, at a low price and without any effort. Our employees will fulfill all and any of the necessary conditions to get the clears of these raids, so you will not have to worry about this routine part of the game and will just enjoy the result.