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Astral Horizon Legendary Shotgun Boost

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ATTENTION! Please, contact Cakeboost Support on the website and specify the details on Trials loot table of this week before ordering the service. This weapon may not be in this week's rotation. Thank you! 

Legendary weapons can reward dedicated players who follow their chosen combat styles to the hilt. With its high impact and potent traits, the Astral Horizon kinetic shotgun is a must-have for aggressive players who want to go on the offensive without letting up. CakeBoost can bring you as many versions of this legendary shotgun as you want to let you choose just the right perks for your individual approach, quickly and without hassle.

You will get:

  • The required number of Astral Horizon Shotgun drops;
  • Any other items or resources that drop during the boost.

ETA: flexible

Astral Horizon is a sleek shotgun with slightly otherworldly air and unbeatable offensive capabilities that are reinforced by its Aggressive Frame and Legendary traits. Slideshot increases stability and range and partly reload the magazine while sliding, while Elemental Capacitor enhances certain stats based on the wielder’s subclass element. Since it’s not due to undergo sunsetting until Season 15, it’s a safe bet that Astral Horizon will continue to dominate all game modes for a while.

Random perks can let you customize this legendary shotgun further to suit your personal brand of offensive tactics. With Quickdraw and Opening Shot, you can tear through enemies even quicker. Assault Mag and One-Two Punch will help you sustain combat momentum. Rifled Barrel and Accurized Rounds can make sure that no enemy will escape your reach. Other combinations abound.

Getting the right perks won’t be easy, though. To earn Astral Horizon, you will have to pass the Trials of Osiris – the ultimate in Destiny 2’s high-level PvP combat. Even then, success is not guaranteed, so you may have to farm it for a while just to get any version of the shotgun. Getting enough to choose from will be even harder and more time-consuming.

CakeBoost can get the grind out of the way quickly and efficiently. Our pro-boosters will face the Trials of Osiris as often as it takes to collect the required number of Astral Horizon variants. Once this order is completed, you will be free to choose between them, adding a powerful punch to your combat style for many months to come.