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Buy D2 Beyond Light Starter Package Boost Carry Service

Buy D2 Beyond Light Starter Package Boost Carry Service

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Buy Beyond Light Starter Package Boost Carry Service

The Beyond Light expansion is a magnificent world with many possibilities. To properly start exploring the new worlds and be able to reap all the best benefits of the D2 expansion, CakeBoost prepared two starter packages with bare necessities and some special rewards as well – pick one and enjoy the game to the fullest!

You will get:

  • Beyond Light Campaign full completed;
  • 1260+ Power Level
  • Artifact Unlock (7 lvl);
  • All items and resources that drop during the campaign.

ETA: variable

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The Beyond Light campaign is an epicenter of the newest D2 update. The player to a frozen Jupiter’s moon Europa, as well as additional quests offered by Exo Stranger and Variks the Loyal.  In order to proceed, you will need to unlock the Beyond Light Seasonal Artifact that will improve your level through the Vanguard quest. To get fully prepared for what's next, throughout the campaign you will also have to achieve a decent amount of power-leveling, the so-called Soft or Hard Cap. The level of a player, which adds up to the power of his gear, is boosted by Seasonal Artifact as well as by performing some additional hunts and missions. 

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