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Blast Battue Legendary Grenade Launcher Boost

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Buy Blast Battue Legendary Grenade Launcher Boost 

Getting the weapon perks you want is a challenging and time-consuming task. Save your time and buy a CakeBoost D2 boosting service to ensure the acquisition of the perfect weapon build that answers your specific requests. 

You will get:

  • Required number of Blast Battue Grenade Launcher for God Rolls acquisition;
  • Wrathborn Hunts and Crow’s Cryptolith Lure completed;
  • All the items and resources that may drop during the process

ETA: flexible

Blast Battue is the Legendary Grenade Launcher with equal and balanced characteristics and an adaptive frame. With an impressive 120 rounds per minute and perks like Rampage that increases its damage 3 times with each successful kill, it’s a great acquisition for the personal collection of any combat professional. Additional perks available, like Chain Reaction that allows elemental damage explosions of multiple targets at once, or Clown Cartridge that refills its reserves, the Blast Battue is a true killer. To acquire this beauty, you will need to complete the necessary activities of the Wrathborn Hunts and the Cryptolith Lure. Doing all of this is pretty time-consuming. However, we have an easier decision.

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