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Bonechiller Legendary Shotgun Boost

Bonechiller Legendary Shotgun Boost

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Europan Explorer 1
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Buy Bonechiller Legendary Shotgun Boost 

Beyond Light expansion is a true paradise for all the combat gurus who love a good weapon and know a lot about various weapons. In order to boost your chances and improve your game, buy one of the CakeBoost D2 Boosting services. We offer excellent conditions and pleasant packages at an attractive price!

You will get:

  • Required number of Bonechiller Legendary Shotgun drops to get God Rolls of your pick;
  • All weapons and items that might drop during the boost

ETA: flexible

Bonechiller is a great Legendary shotgun with a fair precision frame and a package of God Rolls to increase its range, reload speed and damage rate. It’s a slug shotgun, which means it fires with a round of bullets simultaneously, with One for All roll allowing a massive killing power with little to no loss of slugs. With many of its perks being made with PvP mode in mind, it’s still powerful enough to pass in PvE, thus being a valuable pick among its class for any players. To obtain the Bonechiller, you’ll need to embark on raids on Europa and battle against insurgent robots, slaying bosses in aim to loot the shotgun of your choice. You can also approach Variks the Loyal directly and pick a quest to farm the Bonechiller. Since you don’t know the specifics of the mission before embarking on it, you might have to spend a lot of time repeating it if unsuccessful.  

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