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Buy D2 Crowd Pleaser Legendary Grenade Launcher Boost Carry Service

Buy D2 Crowd Pleaser Legendary Grenade Launcher Boost Carry Service

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D2 Crowd Pleaser Legendary Grenade Launcher Boost Carry Service

One of Beyond Light's expansion surprises, the Legendary Crowd Pleaser Grenade Launcher, is a powerful weapon that quickly acquired a legion of fans. With CakeBoost, you can quickly obtain this amazing piece to improve your game!  

You will get:

  • Required number of Crowd Pleaser Adaptive Frame Grenade Launcher drops to get God Rolls;
  • All the items and resources that drop during the boost

ETA: flexible

Crowd Pleaser is the brand new Legendary grenade launcher with an adaptive frame and an impressive amount of great characteristics, such as high stability, handling, big blast radius and fast reload speed with 120 rounds per minute. All of these characteristics can be improved with prominent perks, such as Chain Reaction, Field Prep, Killing Wind, Spike Grenades, Quickdraw, Threat Detector and more. It’s a menacing weapon with a massive killing rate, especially if Chain Reaction is used. It’s extremely hard to stand against a combatant equipped with the Crowd Pleaser. This grenade launcher is obtained through a random drop at the end of Gambit matches. Fairly enough, it’s the best fit for Gambit fans. 

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