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Buy D2 Dust Rock Blues Legendary Kinetic Shotgun Boost

Buy D2 Dust Rock Blues Legendary Kinetic Shotgun Boost

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Our professional players will help you not only complete the Dust Rock Blues (Legendary Kinetic Shotgun) but also coach you how you should behave in all encounters. Learn all tips and tricks for your class from real game gurus!

Buy Dust Rock Blues (Legendary Kinetic Shotgun) D2 Boost

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You’ll get:

  • All weapons and gear that might drop during the boost;
  • Dust Rock Blues Legendary Kinetic Shotgun;
  • Lots of Lost Sectors completed;
  • Spider bounties daily quest completion

ETA: 1 hour - 1 day 

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This legendary shotgun will allow you to take a fresh look at this weapon class thanks to a number of its special qualities, which distinguish it from a number of other, even the most worthy exotic shotguns. One of the most popular legendary weapons, which has gained respect among PvP adepts especially. The main advantageous characteristic is an impressive range indicator, which, together with the striking power and perks of this weapon, allows you to eliminate even well-protected targets from a long distance, while being out of the opponent’s reach.

The perks of this item are varied and allow you to use many combinations suitable for different combat situations. A distinctive perk makes the recoil trajectory of the weapon more predictable, which contributes to more effective aiming. Other perks allow you to use a larger magazine or larger caliber cartridges, which allows you to throw hit targets back a greater distance. Perks will also find their tactical use, which make it easier to aim at a fast-moving target or increase the reload speed.

In order to get this legendary shotgun, the player must be patient and consistently go through several stages of farming, each of which requires time, effort and preparation. The journey begins on the EDZ, where in one of the lost sectors closest to the crash site of Pathfinder, you will have to eliminate all enemies, and then defeat the Boss. After that, you must leave the location to give the boss the opportunity to reset, and then repeat the elimination. You can get the desired drops from the legendary engrams that you get from the boss.

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