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Eye of Sol Sniper Legendary Sniper Rifle Boost

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Buy Eye of Sol Sniper Legendary Sniper Rifle Boost

ATTENTION! Please, contact Cakeboost Support on the website and specify the details on Trials loot table of this week before ordering the service. This weapon may not be in this week's rotation. Thank you! 

There is nothing better for hunting powerful enemies at a distance than a sniper rifle, and Eye of Sol is one of the best in its class due to its well-rounded stats and a good selection of perks. Given the right traits, it can be deadly in PvE and unmatched in PvP. Customize this legendary kinetic weapon to fit your style as a sniper with the assistance of CakeBoost’s swift and efficient service!

You will get:

  • The required number of Eye of Sol Sniper Rifle drops;
  • Any other items or resources that drop during the boost.

ETA: flexible

Eye of Sol is a formidable rifle that can benefit from such classic sniper perks as Opening Shot and Snapshot Sights, allowing it to swiftly one-shot most opponents before they even know what hit them. With Vorpal Weapon, it becomes the go-to option for taking out bosses, vehicles, and Guardians with active Supers. Box Breathing makes it ideal for area denial. You can fine-tune it further through a variety of magazine and barrel options, such as the Arrowhead Brake to get the recoil and reloading under control or Accurized Rounds to reach targets all over the map.

This legendary sniper rifle can only be earned as one of the rewards in Trials of Osiris. Due to reward rotation, you will only get the chance to take it once in a few weeks. You may need to win up to 7 times in some of the most competitive PvP combat in the game. Without a strong team, solid load-out, good tactics, and better luck, even doing this once may prove an impossible bar to clear. Chances are, you will have to do it more than once if you want to get a genuine God Roll.

CakeBoost offers a quick and stress-free solution that will let you choose the best version of this legendary weapon for your individual playstyle. Just leave it to our pro-boosters, who will go through the Trials of Osiris again and again until they have as many versions of Eye of Sol as you require. Then, you will be free to turn the battlefield into your hunting grounds with one of the best sniper rifles in the game.