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Buy D2 Friction Fire Legendary Submachine Gun Boost Carry Service

Buy D2 Friction Fire Legendary Submachine Gun Boost Carry Service

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D2 Friction Fire Boost Carry Service

Beyond Light's latest update has amazed gamers with a large number of new valuable weapons. Weapons are an important part of the game for every player, varying from rifles, machine guns, hand cannons to swords and bows, fit for any situation and coming in a picturesque variety of options. 

You will get:

  • Required number of Friction Fire Kinetic Submachine Gun drops to get requested God Rolls;
  • Wrathborn Hunt and Crow’s Cryptolith Lure completed;
  • All weapons and gear that drop during the boost.

ETA: flexible

Friction Fire is a Legendary item for Destiny 2. This precision frame submachine gun is a powerful one. With predictable vertical recoil, it’s fast, stable and murderous, allowing an impressive 600 rounds per minute. The available rolls for Friction gun further balance it, increase range, handling and magazine size. This submachine gun is a great acquisition for both PvP and PvE modes. To obtain one, a player has to pass all the quests within the Hunt for the Wrathborn. Accessing the Season of the Hunt and Crow’s Cryptolith Lure is necessary for activities’ completion. Although the process is rather straightforward, the Wrathborn is still hard and time-consuming.

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