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Garden of Salvation Raid Boost

Garden of Salvation Raid Boost

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Flawless Raid Completion
Divinity Raid Puzzle
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Buy Garden of Salvation Raid Boost

Our professional Boosters have extensive experience playing together, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of your teammates. Buy Garden of Salvation Raid Full Boost and save time and get 100% immunity from failures. By purchasing this service, you get the full passage of Raid, as well as themed weapons and armor.

You’ll get:

  • Garden of Salvation Raid completion;
  • Some Garden of Salvation Raid Armor;
  • Some Garden of Salvation Raid Weapons.

ETA: 1 -4 h (3-4 days for Flawless Completion)

This raid takes place at a location that is familiar to veteran players: the Black Garden. 890+ Power required. In order to pass this test with honor, the player must show miracles of reaction, a quick assessment of the situation, and show everything that he is capable of. But that’s not all: the same is required of all members of your squad. Maximum cohesion and composure will also be required, the allies must quickly and accurately understand each other. Perhaps this raid is the most demanding on the ability of the squad to cooperate among all those represented in D2.

The full list of what your character will gain after performing the service, as well as the full list of available items, check with the managers. Your character will save all the loot received during the execution of the order. Due to the fact that the distribution of the loot occurs randomly, we cannot guarantee the player the receipt of a specific item, please consider this when ordering.