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Buy D2 Hawkmoon Exotic Hand Cannon Boost Carry Service

Buy D2 Hawkmoon Exotic Hand Cannon Boost Carry Service

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Our professional players will help you not only complete the desired Hawkmoon but also coach you how you should behave in all encounters. Learn all tips and tricks for your class from real game gurus.

Buy Hawkmoon Boost Carry Service

Hawkmoon hand cannon has an amazing reputation and is a favorite in its class of weapon. It returns in a brand new rendition in D2 as well, so the race to obtain it continues! Save your time and get the desired cannon fast enough to reap all the benefits of the game as soon as possible, with service by CakeBoost!

You will get:

  • A Hawkmoon Exotic Hand Cannon in your collection;
  • Exotic quest completed
  • All the items and weapons that will drop during the boost.

ETA: 1 day

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The Hawkmoon is a kinetic hand cannon, first introduced during Destiny Year One, and since re-imagined for the newer versions. It has a solid package of pre-installed characteristics: high impact, stability, handling, range and reloads speed, with support of an impressive 140 rounds per minute. It also supports a variety of permanent perks that increase its capabilities. One of those, Paracausal Shot, is really special, adding damage with the stacks number increase. Another one, Transformative, offers some improvements in the future. To farm the Hawkmoon, you will need to finalize the Season of the Hunt arc, which is a time-consuming and hard combination of quests for Paracausal Feathers, collecting 50 orbs of power and slaying Champions and Guardians alike. The quest is long, nuanced and the reward makes it worthy of the time. However, there's a much easier way with CakeBoost.

Buy Hawkmoon Boost Carry Service by CakeBoost. Our skilled professionals are the true masters of D2 boosting, able to manually deliver the desired type of weapon really fast. CakeBoost complies with the highest international security standards to ensure our clients’ accounts remain safe and anonymous. Pick the exotic hand cannon of your choice for the cheapest price.