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Buy Iron Banner Tokens Farm

The Beyond Light expansion offers various exciting activities for any taste, as well as rewards to obtain. Some of the best rewards are reserved for limited-time events, such as the long-awaited Iron Banner. You might want to secure some help from a professional boosting team in order to rank up quickly, enjoy the game to the fullest and receive valuable weapons in the process.

You will get:

  • A required number of Iron Banner Tokens
  • A lot of Glimmer and materials
  • All the rewards received during the boost.

ETA: depends on the chosen amount of tokens

The Iron Banner is all about partaking in bounties and matches set by Lady Efrideet, then ranking up as a result. Iron Banner tokens are essential to ranking up during the playlist: for every 20 tokens, you go one level up. Besides, upon handing them to Lord Saladin, you get Iron Engrams as a reward. Higher rank in Iron Banner is the direct way to improve your own weapons, defense and combat powers. Therefore, without receiving Iron Banner Tokens, you cannot hope to get all those beautiful and unique Iron Banner rewards. 

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