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Last Wish Raid Boost

Last Wish Raid Boost

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Buy Last Wish Raid Boost

According to many D2 players, Last Wish is one of the best Raids of the game, not only because of its dynamism but also because here you can get decent items. However, this raid is also one of the most difficult to pass even for high-level players. Therefore, CakeBoost offers to take care of everything for you: get 100% immunity from failures by buying D2 Last Wish Raid Boost service.

You’ll get:

  • Last Wish Raid completion;
  • Powerful Raid Armor;
  • Glittering Key for the third Raid Chest
  • Powerful Raid Weapons;
  • Chance to get One Thousand Voices Exotic Fusion;
  • A chance to get Exotic Weapons.

ETA: 1 day

Your character must go on a journey into the bowels of Dream City and, after going through many trials, fight with an Ahamkara - a powerful final boss. As mentioned above, in order to count on the successful completion, the player must be fully equipped: the first fight will require 560 Power or more, so the help of experienced professional Boosters will be indispensable and save you a lot of time.

That’s what you get by buying D2 Last Wish Raid Boost:

  • Great Armor items;
  • Valuable Weapon: the Supremacy sniper rifle, Techeon Force Fusion rifle, Tyranny of Heaven 10 Masterwork Combat Bow and more (check the exact list with our managers);
  • Wish No More raid emblem;
  • Your character will get a chance to become the owner of Rng-based Exotic Fusion: One Thousand Voices;
  • O Murderer Mine Triumph passed.

Due to the fact that the distribution of the loot occurs randomly, we cannot guarantee the player the receipt of a specific item, please consider this when ordering. You can also check the full list of additional options with our manager (if available).