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Nightmare Hunt Boost

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Nightmare Hunt is a game mod, access to which requires the completion of the Shadowkeep campaign. Here you have to fight with several teams of enemies, making your way to the final Boss. The final boss of each Nightmare has its own characteristics, but they also all have common mechanics: after the boss HP level drops to a certain level, he becomes immune to attacks, and the player will have to deal with the crowd of his Adds to be able to deal damage again boss and complete the passage of Nightmare.

You’ll get:

  • All weapons and gear that might drop during the boost;
  • Adept, Hero, Legend or Master run completed

ETA: 1 day 

In total there are 8 different Nightmares, each of which is presented in 4 difficulty levels - Adept / Hero / Master / Legend, which differ not only in the level of awards but also in the power of opponents with whom you have to fight. Also, each next level is more demanding on your character’s Power level. Just a week you can go 3 out of 8. There are no special rewards, however, the player will receive useful items, weapons and armor, as well as a mass of XP.

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