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Point of the Stag Legendary Combat Bow Boost

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Buy Point of the Stag Legendary Combat Bow Boost

The service is currently in the Archive but is still available. Contact our support to purchase!

Ritual weapons in D2 are a special limited weapon class that replaced the Pinnacle Weapon. Despite the fact that representatives of this line do not record holders in terms of stats among the entire arsenal presented in the game, each of them is rare and has a unique set of distinguishing Perks. Buy Point of the Stag Iron Banner Ritual Bow Boost Service by CakeBoost to get Exclusive Ritual Bow Iron Banner Ritual Bow fast and guaranteed. 

You’ll get:

  • All weapons and gear that might drop during the boost;
  • Point of the Stag Bow
  • Experience for your Season Pass and Artifact level

ETA: 2-5 days

The Exclusive Ritual Bow Iron Banner Ritual Bow’s features allow it to find a variety of uses in various combat situations and are especially suited to players who rely on accuracy to improve the effectiveness of each. The Exclusive Ritual

Bow Iron Banner Ritual Bow can be obtained after completing the corresponding quest of the same name. During one of its phases, you will need to get this weapon for further advancement. This bow will perform well when fighting bosses and well-protected targets. You must have time to complete all stages in a week, otherwise, you will have to wait for the next event and start all over again.

You have to make a series of 3 super kills, then destroy 30 more opponents and establish full control over 10 zones, for which you need to clear them almost completely. However, this is only the first phase, after which you will have to take many consecutive steps, each of which implies the destruction of 15 to 100 opponents with additional conditions, establishing control over 10, 30 and even 40 zones, while each subsequent step will be more difficult and time-consuming than the previous one.