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Destiny 2 Leveling Service
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About Destiny 2 Level Boost Offers

Your level – called power in the game – determines how powerful you are, as well as determines whether you’re qualified for a particular strike, raid, or other activity. Unlike in other games, the level is not a two- or three-digit number that increases after finishing quests or killing mobs. In Destiny 2, the power leveling is determined by the power of your loadout. The game had classic leveling before, but the system was scrapped. Now, the minimal level is 1350, and a D2 increase power level service can help you increase this number in the most optimal path possible for your guardian.

By purchasing a Destiny 2 leveling service, you agree to let the booster do whatever he deems necessary (but of course, nothing illicit) to find new gear as fast as possible. In these services, you can select the power level you need a leveling service. Now, you can get as much as a level 1560 boost, and you’ll have to wait as much as 5 weeks for it. Such leveling service will provide you with a necessary power level, and powerful respective gear and you also get to save time. The service is viable for players who want to enjoy the high-level content without spending months grinding.


  • Your character's level upgraded to the desired Power Level;
  • All weapons and gear that might drop during the boost;
  • Glimmer, Materials, Tokens and other useful loot.


  • Up to 5 weeks

What Can I Get With Destiny 2 Leveling Service?

Cakeboost extends a variety of Destiny 2 upgrades. If you don’t feel like spending your time and nerves trying to obtain something in the game, you can just ask a professional to do that. That’s the whole premise of the service. And Destiny 2 leveling services are among the most popular on the roster. Here’s what you get at the end:

  • A requested power level (1500/1550/1560);
  • All loot collected down the road;
  • High-tier armor and weapons.

You can negotiate directions of where you want to take your guardian during the character level boost, but it’s largely up to boosters to decide that. The pathways can vary, but the usual leveling service includes going through the fastest, most accessible activities in quick succession. The entire point is in speed.

The price will vary based on the desired power leveling service, the number of guardians you want boosted (you can request 2 or 3 boosts), and just nuances. You’ll be able to control and monitor the progress of a new character boost via the normal chatting software, such as Discord, Telegram, Skype, or WhatsApp.

Besides this, there are other methods of account boosting. For non-MP activities, it includes Destiny 2 raid boost (carrying you through raids) and Destiny 2 PvE boosting (singleplayer activities) offers. For MP activities, there are Destiny 2 PvP boosting and Destiny 2 glory boost (boosting of MP rating). You are free to buy Destiny 2 boost or leveling services of your choice on Cakeboost at any time.

Why Should You Choose Сakeboost?

Cakeboost is a major provider of account boosting in D2. There are plenty of services you might be interested in. You can pay to level up a guardian, have a raid/strike completed for you, and delegate any other unpleasant activity to an experienced player, and not only in Destiny 2. You can count on:

  • Cheap services with competitive prices;
  • Variety of settings in each service;
  • Myriad of payment methods, including crypto;
  • Chatting software for keeping tabs on your boosting;
  • Helpful customer support

In short, you can enjoy your leveling service, or any other boost, in comfort with Cakeboost.

How Does Destiny 2 Character Boost Work?

The Destiny 2 level boost is its own category. Right now, you can purchase the power upgrade up to the soft cap, power cap, and even pinnacle cap. It’s all in the same service, you only need to specify the settings, including whether you want a leveling service for 1, 2, or 3 guardians. If you want a full stack of characters, pick the lattermost.

  • Make sure you meet the requirements, although they aren’t usually that steep. For the latest leveling boosts, you need to purchase the fresh expansions, because it’s the only way to get the best gear in the game. Still, do check the requirements for character boost Destiny 2, because if you don’t meet the conditions, you may end up wasting your time.
  • Press ‘buy’ on your leveling service and proceed to the checkout menu. Here, you need to specify more details, including stuff like your payment info, your contacts, and your preferred chatting service. You need to share an active email because a booster will have to contact you after the order is through. They normally do that via email, where they provide a link to wherever you’ll be communicating.
  • You can pay for your leveling boost using Stripe, UnitPay, PaymentWall, Fondy & Coinbase.
  • You can negotiate how the actual service will run after you’re contacted. That includes small details that you still want respected, the way you want your updates received, the schedule, and other nuances. The service is flexible enough that you can tweak the experience of your leveling boost to your own preferences with ease.

Buy Destiny 2 Level Boost Right Now

By purchasing the Destiny 2 character boost, you can take part in a loyalty program on this website. You can count on more bonuses by sticking with Cakeboost. Here’s the extensive list of bonuses:

  • ‘Coins’ bonus. Keep purchasing boosts you accumulate coins. These are simply loyalty program points that can be redeemed for one-time discounts (up to 50% off a particular boost).
  • Referral bonus. You can gain an additional discount by inviting your friends over to Cakeboost. Just use your referral link. After your referral friend completes their first order, you get to claim a sizeable discount for doing virtually nothing.
  • Bonus codes. You can receive bonus codes for various activities on the website. For instance, you get one completing your first rewards. Codes provide further discounts and can be applied at the checkout.
  • Regular discounts. Regular discounts are also a way to save money. Keep tabs on current discounts on Destiny 2 character power boost offers and others by subscribing to the newsletter.

Stay tuned to know of any new bonus programs or if any older ones are getting updated.

FAQ About Destiny 2 Character Power Boost

How do you boost power in Destiny 2?

Leveling up in Destiny 2 happens by finding new armor or weapons. For it, you need to complete activities & gather all loot dropped in fights. Experienced players know how to get the new guardians to the maximum level in the shortest time span. It immensely saves time, if you’re interested in such help.

How much power can I boost in Destiny 2?

When the new expansion drops, there’s typically an increase in the power cap, as well as new gear to back up that raise. As of the Witch Queen, you can get a level 1500 boost for soft cap and up to 1560 for pinnacle cap. It’s a big difference, but it takes a lot more time to reach the absolute maximum.

How do you power boost in D2?

A Destiny 2 power boost is a paid service in which you delegate the process of improving your character’s performance to someone who knows how to do that fast. It does take much less time compared to doing it yourself since boosters make it their full-time job and can spend hours on it. You can monitor them doing that at any time.

Is power boosting illegal in D2?

The problem with recovery boosts (the one where professionals level up Destiny 2 characters on their own) is that Bungie can ban your account for it, theoretically. We use security measures you protect your account from bans, such as VPN, and careful planning to make the leveling service as quick and under-the-radar as possible.