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Buy D2 Splintered Triumph Seal Boost Carry Service

Buy D2 Splintered Triumph Seal Boost Carry Service

Master of the Hunt
Solo Lost Sector Mastery
Masterful Saboteur
Fallen Brig Brigade
Training Complete
Born in Darkness
Reuniting the Eventide Rookery
Studying Darkness
Salvage the Past
Full Seal
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D2 Splintered Triumph Seal Boost Carry Service

The most skilled, most powerful characters enjoy the best benefits. In order to show what they are made of from the very start, Guardians have been using the Triumphs to try their hand in unlocking new challenges and completing them, receiving honorary titles and exposing them. This season, Triumphs offers yet another great seal to try your hand in. To secure a desired Splintered title faster and easier, buy a D2 Boosting Service by CakeBoost.

You will get:

  • A number of Splintered Triumphs booked fully completed
  • Splintered Title
  • All items and resources that might drop throughout the boost;

ETA: flexible

There are eleven thrilling Triumphs introduced in the recent D2 expansion that is needed to achieve a Splintered honorary title. Those include hunting for trophies on Europa, the largest moon of Jupiter, as well as exploring its Lost Sectors on Master level – without even a firearm by your side! Other activities include completing Tier III Sabotage quests offered by Variks the Loyal; finalizing the Exo Stranger challenges and finding Exo pieces all around Europa; participating in Crux Convergence to defeat Fallen Brigade; drawing together the Penguins of the Eventide ruins; finalizing the Born In Darkness quest; securing the Augment Triumphs; doing Master Empire Hunts and exploring Entropic Shards locations through Studying Darkness. Finishing all of these hard tasks when they are unlocked inevitably takes a significant amount of time and preparation. CakeBoost offers you an opportunity to customize your choice, picking all of the Triumphs to complete for you, or only several of them.