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Buy D2 The Crow Bounties Boost Carry Service

Buy D2 The Crow Bounties Boost Carry Service

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The Crow Bounties Boost Carry Service

Bounties represent side missions in Destiny 2 that are given by certain vendors. The main appeal of these missions is that they can provide you with new special weapons and armor besides the XP. One type of bounties is Crow bounties that additionally reward you with a reputation with this vendor. If you want to make sure you get these missions done with no effort or time wasted, you might want to consider buying The Crow Bounties Boost Carry Service by CakeBoost.

You will get:

  • Daily\Weekly Crow Bounty\Additional The Crow Bounty completed
  • All loot received during the process

ETA: 1 day

On the whole, the Crow gives you an opportunity to pass 4 dailies, Wrathborn Hunts and 2 weekly bounties, all of that can become the source for your reputation and XP. If you also manage to complete the weekly challenge, you can receive some very useful gear. In order to complete daily and weekly bounties, you will have to defeat regular mobs and bosses under certain conditions, usually, it sums up to the types of weapon\ability you use. The Wrathborn Hunts are a whole another experience: here you will have to face a very powerful boss whose strength corresponds with the quality of the loot it drops.

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