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Buy D2 The Revoker Legendary Sniper Rifle Boost

Buy D2 The Revoker Legendary Sniper Rifle Boost

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The Revoker Legendary Sniper Rifle D2 Boost

The service is currently in the Archive but is still available. Contact our support to purchase!

Buy Revoker Legendary Sniper Rifle Boost Service by CakeBoost to get Revoker Legendary Sniper Rifle fast and guaranteed. Check out our D2 Weapons Obtaining Boost service Category to see other available weapons.

You’ll get:

  • All weapons and gear that might drop during the boost;
  • Revoker Pinnacle Crucible Sniper Rifle

ETA: 1-3 days

Revoker Legendary Sniper Rifle is great for PvP due to its main distinctive perk, which returns the ammo to the magazine in case of a miss. In case of an unsuccessful shot, the bullet will return to the magazine after a 1-2 second pause. It is especially nice that this perk has no limit - that is, the cartridge will continue to return to the store even in the event of a series of misses. It’s hard to overestimate such a tactical advantage, especially in a fast-paced battle. Players will appreciate the distinctiveness of this legendary rifle in Trials of Osiris or Competitive Survival.

Revoker Legendary Sniper Rifle’s features. In addition to the main perk that makes this weapon attractive, namely the ability to return ammunition in case of a miss, another perk allows you to reduce the time for aiming. The rifle comes with up to 25% improved Handling, which increases the potential effectiveness of each shot. Summarizing the above, this rifle can be considered as an ideal tool for making the most effective shots without the cost of reloading and re-aiming.