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Buy D2 The Summoner Auto Rifle God Roll Boost

Buy D2 The Summoner Auto Rifle God Roll Boost

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Our professional players will help you not only complete The Summoner Auto Rifle God Roll but also coach you how you should behave in all encounters. Learn all tips and tricks for your class from real game gurus!

Buy The Summoner Auto Rifle God Roll D2 Boost

ATTENTION! Please, contact Cakeboost Support on the website and specify the details on Trials loot table of this week before ordering the service. This weapon may not be in this week's rotation. Thank you! 

Auto rifles are highly popular due to their ability to take down any enemies at mid-range quickly and efficiently. The Summoner delivers on that promise with its intense rate of fire and superb handling. The right perks can turn this dependable workhorse and its lucky wielder into an unstoppable killing machine. With CakeBoost’s help, you will be able to pick out the ideal build for this energy auto rifle quickly and with no hassle.

You will get:

  • The required number of The Summoner Auto Rifle drops;
  • Any other items or resources that drop during the boost.

ETA: variable

While this Solar auto rifle starts with a strong core capability, its random perks can propel it into becoming the deadliest weapon on any battlefield. Build up kill momentum with Rampage’s damage bonus or cause spectacular fiery explosions with Dragonfly. Bolster range with Rangefinder or stability with Zen Moment, removing the Summoner’s main weaknesses, or overfill your magazine with Overflow. A rich selection of barrels and magazines can help you customize the weapon further to fit any combat style.

The Summoner is one of the rare legendary weapons that can only be earned through taking part in the Trials of Osiris. The chance to win it as one of your prizes only comes once in a few weeks, and the conditions for it vary: you may need to score 3, 5, or 7 wins. That will be a difficult task since you will be competing against some of the strongest PvP teams in the game. If you fail, it may set your efforts to acquire this auto rifle back for weeks. Even if you succeed, the odds of you getting the right perks straight away are low.

You don’t have to farm high-level PvP content just to get a shot at your preferred build. CakeBoost’s elite pro-boosters can fight in the Trials of Osiris for you, acquiring as many versions of the Summoner as you need and letting you choose the one you want without frustration and stress. Soon, you will be free to melt away all opposition with a truly legendary auto rifle build.